Monday, December 19, 2011

MD Redistricting: Tougher Districts for Sen. Jim Brochin & Del. Don Dwyer // 2012 Changes in B'more & Anne Arundel Counties

Last Friday, Maryland Juice posted Maryland's new 2012 legislative districts. Over the weekend, I asked one legislator if any incumbents had been drawn into dramatically new districts. She mentioned two names: 1) GOP Delegate Don Dwyer of District 31 in Anne Arundel County and 2) Democratic Senator Jim Brochin of District 42 in Baltimore County. Del. Dwyer has been shifted from D31, his current three-seat district, to a newly-created single-member district: D31A. Notably, Maryland's redistricting website flags the following changes to legislative districts in Anne Arundel County:
Districts 30-33 remain wholly contained in the County, and District 21 retains a portion of the County. Sub-districts have been drawn to reflect the geographic regions and diversity of the County, and to ensure each of those regions has representation. African American voting strength is enhanced in Districts 31A and 32.
Maryland Juice highlighted Delegate Don Dwyer's street on the new 2012 map and also included an image of his current district:

Senator James Brochin's District 42 is also undergoing a major facelift. The District currently includes Towson and other areas immediately north of Baltimore City, but it is shifting dramatically under the 2012 redistricting plan. The new D42 will stretch much further north and touch the Carroll and Harford County borders on the West and East, respectively. Maryland Juice highlighted Senator Jim Brochin's street on the new 2012 map and also included an image of his current district:

Without having looked at the data behind these maps, it looks as though Democratic Senator Brochin may soon have a lot of new voters. My hunch would be that a chunk of these are more conservative than voters in his current district. It also looks like Republican Delegate Dwyer will be receiving a district with a larger share of Democrats than he's used to. I could be wrong about both of these districts, but if one of our readers knows more about these plans, please share your thoughts.

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