Thursday, January 19, 2012

BREAKING: Delegate Heather Mizeur Announces $247,500 Cash on Hand ... for 2014 Comptroller?

Maryland Juice hopes that the other 2014 Comptroller hopefuls have been busy fundraising, because we just received a press release from Delegate Heather Mizeur announcing $247,500 cash on hand. At this point, the buzz I am hearing (though not from her) is that she is looking at the 2014 Democratic nomination for Comptroller. Any other candidates who care to send in fundraising numbers can do so at

For a point of comparison, this cash haul means that Ms. Mizeur has basically caught up to former Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan (unless he reports a sudden influx of new cash in 2011). He was previously caught weighing a run himself, but will the stiff competition keep him out of the race? Take a look at the cash on hand totals from the other Comptroller's candidates at the start of last year:

Prior Fundraising Period Cash On-Hand (@ January 2011)
  • Doug Duncan $294,967.13
  • Heather Mizeur $166,424.19
  • Kumar Barve $18,175.87
  • Jim Rosapepe $8,537.84
  • Galen Clagett $-4,544.09

We are still waiting to see what their current reports will show -- hopefully, any day now! In the meantime, see Del. Mizeur's self-reported numbers below: 

Heather Mizeur Reports $247,500 Cash on Hand

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – In campaign finance reports filed with the State Board of Elections this week, Delegate Heather R. Mizeur (D – Montgomery) reported $247,537 cash on hand for the report ending January 18, 2011.

“It’s an honor to have the support of Marylanders from every corner of this state helping to champion our causes of economic security, health care for all, stronger schools, a more open and transparent government, LGBT equality, and a cleaner, safer environment,” said Mizeur.

Heather serves as Vice Chair of Education and Economic Development for the Appropriations Committee and is an elected Democratic National Committeewoman.


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