Sunday, January 29, 2012

Frederick County GOP Official Compares Blaine Young's Anti-Immigrant Proposals to Nazi Germany

Maryland Juice recently flagged an article in the Frederick News-Post discussing Tea Party leader Blaine Young's package of xenophobic and anti-Liberty policy proposals. We noted that a lone member of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners, David Gray, stood up to the Tea Party proposals

The Gazette now has their take on the proceedings, and it turns out the events were even more contentious than we previously reported. First, they involved comparisons of Blaine Young's proposals to Nazi Germany, and second, Maryland Juice did not realize the criticisms were being lobbed by a fellow Republican:
One longtime Frederick County commissioner is comparing another commissioner’s decision to crack down on illegal immigrants to 1940s Nazi Germany and the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.
Commissioner David P. Gray (R) made the comparison during a discussion at a Board of County Commissioners meeting Thursday about a package of legislation targeting illegal immigrants in the county.

“I find it chilling with all these proposals,” Gray said. “It conjures up images of when people sanctioned Jews in Germany. For God’s sake what kind of images are we trying to put forth for Frederick County. I think it’s absolutely terrible....”

Commissioners voted 4-1 to take to public hearing next month only the proposal to create an ordinance making English the official language. Gray was the lone vote against the public hearing, which has not been scheduled....

Gray, however, criticized the proposal to prohibit apartment agencies from renting to illegals.

“I think the whole idea is wrong,” he said. “This is chilling. This is not what this country is made of. How sick are we. This is just absolutely repugnant. I think this should be dismissed out of hand and forgotten.”

Young responded by saying, “Why don’t you dismiss the constitution while you’re at it?”

“You’re talking about how many people you can have in your home,” Gray countered. “Your home is your castle for God sakes.”

It is about time that Republicans started calling out the numerous incompatibilities between the current Tea Party platform and principles of Liberty, privacy and keeping government out of our homes/bedrooms. Believe me when I say that on the Democratic side, Maryland Juice plans on continuing to press the Dems on civil liberties and due process issues (aka I'll do my part if you do yours, "conservatives" -- this is America after all).

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