Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Governor Martin O'Malley's Latest Email Blast: "Support Maryland Families‏"

Dear Juice,

In the past, I’ve written to ask for your support of my campaign. I’ve been humbled by your generosity, commitment to our State, and the support you’ve shown to Lt. Governor Brown and me, as we work every day to create jobs and expand opportunity to greater numbers of people.

Today, I am writing to ask for your support of equal rights under the law in the context of civil marriage rights in Maryland.

Marylanders of all walks of life want their children to live in a loving, stable, committed home that is protected under the law. Yesterday, we introduced the Civil Marriage Protection Act. It balances equal protection of the law for every individual with free exercise of religion without government interference.

I hope that you can and will show your support of this bill, by making a contribution to Marylanders for Marriage Equality today.

This morning, I was joined by dozens of same-sex couples, their children, and faith-based leaders who are part of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the broad-based coalition we’ve assembled to get this bill passed. The coalition brings together Marylanders from the faith community, organized labor, civil rights groups and LGBT organizations.

Other states have found a way to protect marriage equality and religious freedom and so should Maryland.

Your contribution to support our efforts would mean so much, and so I am asking you to help with whatever you are able to give. A contribution of $25, $100, $500 or more would be of great value in our fight to ensure fairness and equality for all Marylanders. Please help in any way you can.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure that this important piece of legislation passes but I know that together, as One Maryland, we can make it happen.

Thank you for your support of me and of our fellow Marylanders.

Martin O'Malley

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