Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ABUSE OF POWER: More Evidence of Cops Thinking They Can Get Away With Anything // MD'ERS: CALL OUT Police Abuse

Hat tip to Charm City Now for flagging more evidence that cops in Maryland routinely abuse their power (and don't kid yourself that this is only a problem in Baltimore). CBS is reporting:
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police launch an investigation into another video that shows officers threatening to arrest a man who is recording them....

The man with the camera says he takes a lot of videos in his neighborhood. But his latest images are adding to the controversy over how city officers handle citizens with cameras.

The video shows officers making an arrest in Federal Hill— just one day after Baltimore’s police commissioner issued a new policy that says members of the public are allowed to videotape police officers in a public setting.

But that policy apparently had no effect Saturday as the video was being shot.

“Take a walk sir,” the officer said. “You’re loitering … Sir, you’re standing in front of the border. I’m asking you to leave.”

Officers never tell the man holding the camera to stop recording. Instead they tell him he’s loitering, threatening to arrest him if he doesn’t leave the scene immediately.

“Turn around and walk,” the officer continued. “Give me your ID.”

A police spokesman says the commissioner has ordered an investigation into the video, and the man who shot it has already filed a complaint against the department.

That complaint comes as a federal judge refuses to throw out a lawsuit over a similar incident in 2010 when officers confiscated a camera and deleted videos Christopher Sharp took as his friend was being arrested at Preakness.

“Do me a favor and turn that thing off,” an officer told Sharp. “It’s illegal to record anybody’s voice or anything else.”

“I was surrounded by police officers being told it was evidence, and I had to give it to them, so what else am I going to do,” Sharp said....

Hey cops, we will stand up for your wages and benefits if you'll stand up for our civil liberties and be proactive about racial profiling. You can't expect to keep abusing your power and then expect citizens to speak out when the politicians try to cut your wages and benefits. No deal!

See video footage below:

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