Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Q: Who Is Senate President Mike Miller // A: Just Another Human

Maryland Juice today presents another flashback to a different era in Maryland politics. Over a decade ago (ie: before Senate President Mike Miller began to overstay his welcome), The Baltimore Sun wrote about how it came to be that we all got stuck with King Miller:
Chances for governor vanish

A decade ago, Miller was considered a possible candidate for governor or perhaps Congress.

Then came the night in November 1989 when, just before his first major fund-raiser in Baltimore, Miller unleashed a harsh description of the city during a television interview, calling it "a goddamn ghetto" and worse.

Miller, who thought his comments were off the record, apologized. But he knew intuitively that his chances of running for governor had vanished.
So, the consolation prize for someone whose political career was ruined by racial insensitivity is infinite abuse of power as the Senate President? Look at King Miller's comments the last time someone challenged him (over ten years ago):
Although Miller will forever be associated with the small town of Clinton, he has in recent months become a waterfront baron, living in a spacious house set on 40 acres in Calvert County overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

He describes with unrestrained pride the house's twin colonnades, its 1,000 feet of waterfront and its two-story library with features modeled on Monticello's. The library, he notes, has the same red velvet drapes that can be found in the Senate lounge in Annapolis.

The longest-serving Senate president says he has given up the thought of any other political post and will end his career in the Senate. The challenge from Bromwell was a reminder that nothing in politics lasts forever. Miller says he will be quick to recognize when it's time to leave.

"If it ever comes to a request - `We're tired of you, we're not moving forward,' - I'd certainly understand and step down," he says.

I think it is time for a leadership change. I think it is time for all of the leadership positions to be elected, as they are in the U.S. House. I know you agree with me, because of the emails I am now getting.

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of video footage of Mike Miller calling Baltimore "a goddamned ghetto" and worse? I am also seeking more info about Miller's defense of Judge Arnick. If you know where I can details on either of these issues, let me know at david@marylandjuice.com

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