Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LEAKED DOC: Resignation Letter from Arora Staffer Who Quit // Huffington Post: "Sam Arora's Political Career May Be Over"

The Washington Blade has managed to get its hands on a leaked copy of the resignation letter from Josh Lapidus, temporary Maryland Delegate Sam Arora's legislative director.
WASHINGTON BLADE: A senior adviser to Maryland Del. Sam Arora has abruptly resigned in protest over Arora’s vote against the state’s same-sex marriage bill.

Joshua Lapidus, Arora’s legislative director, quit Friday night just after the marriage vote in a scathing resignation letter obtained by the Blade:

“I respect you and your beliefs, however I cannot respect your decision to place personal religious belief over the roles and responsibilities of the stewardship the people of District 19 entrusted unto you,” Lapidus wrote. He added, “It saddens me that you are standing against the tide of history and ending your career over an issue that will no doubt be decided in the affirmative, with or without your vote, over the next couple years.  So, I write this letter to inform you that if you vote don’t vote for HB 438 l can no longer work under your employ....”

It’s unclear exactly why Arora switched his position on the marriage bill, though the speculation is that his religious beliefs played a part in the decision to vote no. Lapidus addressed the religion issue in his resignation letter.

“We have a right to be religious,” he wrote. “You have a right to disagree with the marital union between not just a man and a woman. But we do not have the right to impose our religious beliefs on the people of Maryland and impede societal progress. You will be on the wrong side of history and l will not have any part in it.”

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post picked up the story of Sam Arora's betrayal. Their headline from yesterday reads: "Maryland Delegate Sam Arora's Political Career May Be Over After 'No' Vote On Same-Sex Marriage." Their article walks through the timeline of betrayal once more, and highlights the fallout:
HUFFINGTON POST: Although marriage equality legislation cleared the Maryland House of Delegates on Friday and is anticipated to be green-lighted by the state Senate this week, there may be some unfinished business in Annapolis' lower legislative chamber: Del. Sam Arora.

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