Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marriage Equality Passes Through Senator Brian Frosh's Judiciary Committee // Mike Miller = Still Suspect

UPDATE: Senator Rich Madaleno Tweets the roll call and notes that the floor vote will be tomorrow: "Senate JPR Committee just voted in favor of the marriage equality bill 7 to 4. No amendments were adopted. Bill on floor tomorrow."

DOUBLE-UPDATE: Some readers are quick to point out that Senate President Mike Miller made some committee changes and has been facilitating getting this bill through the Senate. Fair enough, but parochial as he is, Miller is not dumb. He knows his caucus well, and it is my belief that he followed the caucus, not the other way around. On progressive causes and social justice issues, is Mike Miller a shepherd or a gatekeeper of change? Think about it, can this guy be the Party Leader at a time when we need to convince people from around Maryland to change their opinions on issues of diversity?

Marylanders for Marriage Equality announces that historic social justice legislation has passed through Senator Brian Frosh's Judiciary Committee. See their press release below. Meanwhile, Maryland Juice would like to point out that acting-Senate President Mike Miller continues to think marriage equality is an "attack on the family." Still waiting for that apology to the Governor and the LGBT community.


Senate Committee Endorses Civil Marriage Bill

BALTIMORE – Following the momentous victory in the House of Delegates last week, a senate committee today approved the Civil Marriage Protection Act paving the way for a full senate vote this week.

“We’re grateful to the members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee – particularly chairman Brian Frosh (D-Montgomery) - who today approved Civil Marriage Protection Act,” said Ezekiel Jackson, political organizer of 1199 SEIU, a member of the Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition. “Members who support the bill understand that this is about making all Maryland families stronger – that it’s about protecting them equally under the law while preserving cherished religious freedoms.”

A January Washington Post poll showed a majority of Marylanders support committed gay and lesbian couples getting a marriage license.


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