Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mike Miller's Greatest "HITS" - Part 1

"The Real Democrat" - August 17, 2006 // The Washington Post
State Sen. Ida G. Ruben, who's facing a tough challenge in the Democratic primary from Jamie Raskin in Montgomery County's District 20, changed the tone of the race late last week, when she sent out campaign mailer declaring that her opponent is not a "real Democrat."

Ruben picked apart Raskin's positions in several legal cases to suggest that he helped elect President George W. Bush "through his support of third party candidates" and is aligned with "radical pro-life groups that intimidate women and doctors."

Raskin's campaign immediately condemned the mailer as "lies, fabrications and distortions" and demanded an apology for the "vicious Karl Rove-like attacks...."
The controversy gave Raskin a boost from Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D). He denounced Ruben's mailer, saying, "This kind of Karl Rove politics has no place in the Democratic Party. The voters should demand a clean and honest campaign."

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