Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maryland House of Delegates // Marriage Equality Roll Call Vote

UPDATE: A lawmaker familiar with details of the marriage equality House floor vote tells Maryland Juice that the two abstentions/absences noted below are both due to hospitalization of the Delegates.

Maryland House Speaker Mike Busch and Governor Martin O'Malley Hug It Out - February 17, 2012. Source: FACEBOOK.

The Associated Press provides a roll call vote on the Maryland marriage equality measure. Below, we highlight the atypical votes: 1) Democratic "no" votes, 2) Republican "yes" votes, and 3) abstentions/absences. You can see the full roster at The Washington Post.

Democrats against:
  1. Arora, Sam, Montgomery
  2. Branch, Talmadge, Baltimore City
  3. Braveboy, Aisha, Prince George’s
  4. Burns, Emmett C., Jr., Baltimore County
  5. Cane, Rudolph, Wicomico
  6. Conway, Norman, Wicomico
  7. Davis, Dereck, Prince George’s
  8. DeBoy, Steven, Baltimore County
  9. Donoghue, John, Washington
  10. Glenn, Cheryl, Baltimore City
  11. Griffith, Melony, Prince George’s
  12. Howard, Carolyn, Prince George’s
  13. James, Mary-Dulany, Harford
  14. Jameson, Sally, Charles
  15. Kelly, Kevin, Allegany
  16. Minnick, Joseph, Baltimore County
  17. Proctor, James, Prince George’s
  18. Sophocleaus, Theodore, Anne Arundel
  19. Stukes, Melvin, Baltimore City
  20. Valentino-Smith, Geraldine, Prince George’s
  21. Vallario, Joseph, Prince George’s
  22. Vaughn, Michael, Prince George’s
  23. Walker, Jay, Prince George’s
  24. Weir, Michael, Baltimore County
  25. Wilson, C.T., Charles
  26. Wood, John, St. Mary’s

Republicans for:
  1. Costa, Robert, Anne Arundel
  2. Kach, Wade, Baltimore County

Democrats absent:
  1. Rudolph, David, Cecil
  2. Turner, Veronica, Prince George’s

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