Monday, March 5, 2012

6th Congressional District Democratic & Republican Candidates Weigh In On Immigration // Read Their Views

The Gazette's by Katherine Heerbrandt has a great round-up of all of the 6th Congressional District candidates views on immigration. Hat tip to anti-immigrant group Help Save Maryland (BLECH!) for flagging the article. We excerpt the candidate statements below, but check out the full article at The Gazette:

Charles Bailey (D): Difference does not mean division. We have common ground in promoting basic citizen values such as working every day, paying taxes, abiding by the law. We ought to embrace those who come here with these values in hopes of improving their lives and the lives of their families…

John Delaney (D): Residents across the district understand that our immigration system is broken. I stand with the President on immigration: the Obama administration has deported record numbers of illegal immigrants, while pushing for needed reforms. I support the Dream Act. Smart immigration policy is key to future economic growth.

Rob Garagiola (D): I don’t buy into the divide between Frederick and Montgomery County. All Marylanders are concerned about this issue. I favor comprehensive immigration reform and creating a pathway towards legal citizenship. Children, regardless of origin, shouldn’t be punished because they were brought to America by their parents.

Ron Little (D): We need a national policy that will provide more resources for managing our existing population while securing our borders and controlling future populations. We also need to reconcile differences in perception by providing real immigrant population solutions that people can understand and measure.

Milan Pooran (D): I have lived and worked in both counties. Undocumented immigrants are often hired far below minimum wage at jobsites that fail to offer even basic safety protection. This is wrong, creates unfair competition and is frustrating for citizens and legal residents. In Congress, I will sponsor comprehensive immigration reform.

Kathy Afzali (R): I have little concern for individuals who disrespect the laws of our country and enter illegally, while thousands of others go through the lengthy process to be granted legal citizenship. I believe in enforcing the existing laws and securing the border, then we can deal with the people that have ...

Roscoe G. Bartlett (R): We all should be proud that America is the most welcoming nation in the world but we need to enforce our existing laws and adequately protect our borders. I am opposed to amnesty. Also, I am a member of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus which seeks solutions to illegal immigration.

David Brinkley (R): We are a nation of laws. Unfortunately, government fails to enforce existing illegal immigration laws. And, by their silence, forces illegal immigration policy onto the States. I support enforcing illegal immigration laws at the federal level and I oppose giving tax-payer funded entitlements to anyone in our Country illegally.

Robert Coblentz (R): The true drain on resources is illegal immigrants taking advantage of taxpayer funds by visiting the hospital's emergency room for a sore throat as well as printing documents in a second language, for example. This pacification does not encourage folks to become a citizen as they reap all the rewards …

Robin Ficker (R): I'm lifelong Montgomery resident, but have attended Oakland, Cumberland, Hagerstown, Frederick Courts for 35 years. Hasten legal immigration of Phd's, tech students, entrepreneurs and investors. Hasten deportation of illegal immigrants who are in our jails for committing crimes.

Peter James (R): The bankers just robbed us of trillions of dollars and are planning to do it again. They are distracting us with this issue. H1 visas are more destructive to entire district’s middle class. Would we have any Christians if Jesus was turned back from Egypt? I would eliminate magnet entitlements.

Joseph Krystoforski (R): There is no need to reconcile differences as we all believe in the rule of law, the protections afforded us by adhering to the rule of law, and the enforcement of our laws. The United States immigration policy is codified in the Immigration and Nationality Act [8 U.S.C] and ...

Brandon Rippeon (R): U.S. immigration policy should be based on skill sets, not family unification. I support a policy of deportation through attrition for illegals. If illegals are denied jobs, privileges (driver’s license), and benefits (subsidized housing / free meals in school) then they will return to their own country. No Dream Act!

Much more on the CD6 race soon!

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