Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CD6 DIRECT MAIL: Sen. David Brinkley Attacks Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's Age // Plus, Del. Kathy Afzali to Challenge Brinkley?

SEN. DAVID BRINKLEY CALLS OUT REP. ROSCOE BARTLETT'S AGE: Maryland Juice recently stumbled upon two direct mail pieces that GOP State Senator David Brinkley is sending CD6 voters. In one piece, he assaults incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's voting record as "too liberal" and raises a thinly veiled criticism aimed at highlighting Bartlett's age. The piece notes that the long-serving member of Congress is 85-years-old, but suggests that age is NOT an issue. Cute.

Sen. Brinkley's mail piece also points readers to a website of citations for his attacks (including a mention of the STACHE Act). The caption for his list of links about Rep. Bartlett's voting record states:

I am running against Roscoe Bartlett, not because he's 85 years old, but because he votes liberal.

After 20 years in Washington, the liberal seduction of Roscoe Bartlett is complete. His views, his votes and his passions are all liberal. Sadly, there is not much left to differentiate Bartlett from Nancy Pelosi.
WILL DEL. KATHY AFZALI CHALLENGE SEN. DAVID BRINKLEY IN 2014? - See Brinkley's two mail pieces below, followed by a brief video clip of rival candidate Robin Ficker at a CD6 GOP candidates debate from last Sunday. Ficker takes a strong anti-war position against the conflicts with Iran and Afghanistan, but also takes time to throw zingers at Delegate Kathy Afzali and Senator David Brinkley. Ficker points out that both Annapolis lawmakers actually live in Rep. Chris Van Hollen's 8th Congressional District and are carpetbaggers.

THEORY: Ficker also commented that Del. Afzali and Sen. Brinkley sound like they are fighting for the 2014 GOP nomination to the District 4 State Senate seat. At first I thought he was joking, but then I started to realize they have been bitterly attacking each other during the course of this race. I think that seems like a plausible scenario, and I think Del. Kathy Afzali would be a formidable opponent in a Republican Primary against Sen. Brinkley. His now high-profile "issues" with women and his lackluster fundraising will likely dovetail nicely with a poor performance in next week's GOP Primary. I suspect this will broadcast his political vulnerability to potential 2014 challengers, thus proving that there is a downside to running for Congress while serving in Annapolis. Note: many lawmakers see it as a "free shot," since they don't have to resign from their seats in order to run for Congress.

Maryland State Senator David Brinkley's Direct Mail Piece Attacking Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

Maryland State Senator David Brinkley's Direct Mail Piece Highlighting Endorsements

Watch Robin Ficker's comments about Afzali and Brinkley below:

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