Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CD6: Tea Party Blogger Accuses GOP Senator David Brinkley of Demeaning Women & Seeks Apology for Del. Kathy Afzali

Maryland Juice recently noted that Ann Corcoran, editor of the Potomac Tea Party Report, received a robocall from Sandra Fluke regarding the 6th Congressional District race. Ms. Fluke became famous after Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" for defending contraceptive funding. It is not surprising then that the Tea Party blogger should want to prevent further such messaging problems from other Republican candidates.

Today, Ann Corcoran calls out State Senator David Brinkley for what she believes are demeaning comments aimed at rival candidate Delegate Kathy Afzali. Brinkley's campaign spokesman recently suggested Ms. Afzali has been telling "whoppers" on the campaign trail and would be better off working at Burger King. See an excerpt from the Potomac Tea Party Report response below:
Brinkley campaign spokesman puts foot in mouth, adds more fuel to ‘war on women’
This time it’s a Republican candidate, a sitting Maryland Senator, demeaning a woman!  What are they thinking?  Haven’t they been paying attention to the news!

Readers, I have tried not to get involved in the Republican primary race for the 6th District (where I live), but this put me over the edge and I have to say something.   Imagine Maryland Senator David Brinkley with several previous allegations of physical abuse involving his wife as well as an alleged 7 year adulterous affair with a staffer allowing his spokesman to make a derogatory comment of this nature about Del. Kathy Afzali who is running against him in the crowded Republican field.

Wouldn’t you think he would be smart enough to steer clear of anything that might smack of demeaning language aimed at a woman?

It is one thing to say she is exaggerating her record in Annapolis and quite another to suggest she should be working at Burger King.  Can you imagine for one minute that Brinkley’s staffer would suggest Roscoe Bartlett, or any of the men in this race should be working at Burger King.  Not a chance!  What?  Are attractive blond women somehow fair game?  This has got to stop!...

Is it any wonder so few women are willing to run for elected office?

Time for an apology Mr. Brinkley!

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