Thursday, March 15, 2012

CD6: Progressive Maryland Endorses State Senator Rob Garagiola for Congress

Progressive Maryland Endorses Rob Garagiola for Congress
Campaign Continues to Build Its Grassroots Organization Heading Into April 3 Primary

GERMANTOWN, MD – Citing his unquestionable commitment to Democratic and progressive values, Progressive Maryland, a leading grassroots organization with over 23,000 members and supporters in the state, endorsed Rob Garagiola for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District. Rob Garagiola is the only candidate to receive an endorsement from a Democratic organization or a union.

“As a Maryland State Senator, Rob Garagiola has a proven track record of not just voting for progressive causes, but championing them. Marriage equality, the Dream Act, green jobs, a woman’s right to choose – Rob Garagiola has been a leader on these progressive issues,” said Kate Planco Waybright, Interim Executive Director of Progressive Maryland. “Rob Garagiola has rolled up his sleeves and been on the front lines for middle class and working families. Rob Garagiola can count on our 23,000 members and supporters and our more than 50 affiliates and partners to support his campaign and to show up on April 3 and support him at the polls,” Planco Waybright concluded.

“It’s an honor to receive the endorsement of Progressive Maryland and their 23,000 members and supporters. As a State Senator, I’ve fought for the progressive causes that so many people of Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District care about. I sponsored the marriage equality bill, the DREAM Act, and worked with small businesses to develop a clean energy industry in Maryland. And I absolutely support a woman’s right to choose, including healthcare coverage for contraceptives,” Rob Garagiola said. “Our campaign will continue to be powered by a grassroots network of supporters and member driven organizations – the likely voters in the April 3 Democratic Primary,” concluded Garagiola.

Earlier this week, Rob Garagiola was endorsed by MoveOn, which has 15,000 members in the Sixth Congressional District and 180,000 members in the state, and the United Auto Workers, which has 1,400 members in the District. In total, Rob Garagiola has received the endorsements of 18 member based organizations that have over 60,000 members in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District.


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