Thursday, March 15, 2012

OMG: Frederick Tea Partier Blaine Young Announces Exploratory Bid for 2014 MD Governor - HAHAHA (Seriously!)

OMG: So the rumors have been true. Blaine Young -- Frederick County's Tea Party loudmouth -- is running for Governor of Maryland in 2014. Blaine Young is the man responsible for making English the "official language" of Frederick County, and who once served as a Democrat -- until his name appeared in a madam's little black book. He is currently serving in his first term as President of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners. The Frederick News-Post publishes an email from Mr. Young, where he describes his fantasy (see excerpts below):
BLAINE YOUNG: I’ve been watching politics in Maryland for a long time and I can honestly say I have never felt as uneasy – and almost physically ill – as I do now watching what is going on in Annapolis.

 The absolute domination of this state by one political party, which seems to know no limits to how far they are willing to exploit their monopoly of power, is taking us all for a ride that I am afraid will end up in a massive and fiery crash and burn....

  It seems to me that there is very little real prospect of Republicans gaining enough seats to overturn the Democrat majority in either the House or the Senate. Their majorities are overwhelming numerically; and, with their further gerrymandering of the legislative map, it will be next to impossible to gain a significant number of seats. Our legislature is going to be Democrat, liberal and clamoring for our money for as far into the future as the eye can see.

  It seems the only way to do anything about the one party monopoly in Annapolis is to do something in the Governor’s Mansion. Bob Ehrlich proved 10 years ago that although it is against long odds a Republican can win the Governor’s Mansion. This strategy, though daunting, at least from a historical prospective, is achievable with the right candidate and the right campaign that focuses on the excesses and arrogance of the one party rule in Annapolis. If voters truly are tired of being dictated to by a political monopoly, it is much easier for them to switch over to the other side of the ballot in the statewide race than to vote against their local delegates or senators, who many of them have met and may know well....

  This is why it is so important that the Republicans get serious about the 2014 Maryland gubernatorial campaign and start thinking about and doing what is necessary to try to win back the Governor’s Mansion. You say it’s only early 2012, and there is still plenty of time to think about an election 2 1/2 years from now? Think again!

  The Democrats are way ahead. Attorney General Doug Gansler has over $4 million in the bank, and there is no question he is going to run for governor. Comptroller Peter Franchot has raised more than $1 million. Howard County Executive Ken Ulman has also raised over a $1 million, and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has raised more than $800,000. The primary election is two years from this June, and from experience I can tell you, when you are trying to raise money, that two years will go by awfully fast.

  From Republicans we’ve heard some talk but haven’t seen much action. I have heard some say that they will make a decision late this year or early next year. Based on what the Democrats are doing, that will be too late. Republicans had better get serious now, and start working to raise the money which will be necessary to compete with whichever Democrat comes out of what should be a very interesting and contested primary.

  Many probably know that I am considering a run for governor of Maryland as a Republican. I am going to get this going over the next few months with an exploratory committee, and open a campaign account to raise money. My message will be very simple: One Vote Stops It All. One vote from Gov. Blaine R. Young will block any and all future tax and fee increases in the State of Maryland. And I promise I will use that one vote to veto....

  Blaine R. Young

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