Thursday, March 8, 2012

CD6: Tea Party Blogger Reports on "Sandra Fluke" Robocall Targeting Rep. Roscoe Bartlet on Contraception

Ann Corcoran, editor of Maryland's Potomac Tea Party Report, tells readers about a recent robocall she received about incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett. The taped telephone message appears to be from Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University student who recently became famous after rightwing talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" for defending contraception.

The issue has now spilled into Maryland's heated 6th Congressional District race, as advocates are trying to highlight the issue for CD6 women. The Tea Party reports:
I got a call from Sandra today!
Well it sure sounded like Sandra Fluke!  And, she identified herself as a ‘woman of the 99%,’ so I figured it had to be her!

She called to let me know that 85-year-old Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) hated women.  Yeh, no kidding!  She said that she “couldn’t be silent anymore” and told me I couldn’t be either—that I had to call the elderly Bartlett (she gave me his number) and give him a piece of my mind because he was one of those waging “war on women.”   And, what was her proof?

He refused to repudiate Rush Limbaugh (so far).

And, she was calling in this recorded message to let me know that stunning piece of news and that we ninety-nine percenters “couldn’t be silent” any more (did I say that already?)…we had to fight back….for the women of America!

I would like to have asked her, are we fighting for the women of Saudi Arabia too, or just the downtrodden women of America.

Stay tuned for more on Maryland's 6th Congressional District Race!

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