Monday, March 12, 2012 Political Action Endorses Rob Garagiola for Congress

PRESS RELEASE Political Action Endorses Rob Garagiola for Congress

Citing Garagiola’s record fighting for the 99%, MoveOn members commit to aggressive efforts online and on the ground to propel him to victory

In a year when Americans are looking to elect leaders who will work to rebuild the middle class, MoveOn’s members in Maryland’s sixth congressional district voted overwhelmingly to endorse Rob Garagiola for Congress for his proven track record of siding with working families. MoveOn’s members cited his consistent efforts fighting for the 99% and standing up to powerful special interests and the 1%.

MoveOn has more than 15,000 members in the 6th district, and of those who participated in the endorsement vote, a decisive 79% voted to endorse Garagiola.

“Rob Garagiola has been a champion for education funding, expanding health care coverage and creating green jobs that will protect the environment,” said Lindsey B., a MoveOn member in Germantown. “He is pro-choice and will protect women's rights in Congress. He helped pass the Civil Marriage Protection Act to ensure that same-sex couples have the right to marry in Maryland. Rob Garagiola has a proven record of standing up for progressive issues in Maryland so I know that he will do the same in Congress.”

As part of their support for the Garagiola campaign, MoveOn’s thousands of members in the district will help provide the grassroots support—including small-donor fundraising and volunteer boots on the ground – that Garagiola needs to win.

“As someone who has led on so many progressive issues in the Maryland State Senate – marriage equality, the Dream Act, healthcare expansion, and green jobs, it’s an honor to receive the endorsement of MoveOn, a national leader on the progressive values that so many Democratic primary voters of Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District share,” said Rob Garagiola. “I need MoveOn’s help right now. John Delaney, my opponent, is using his quarter of a billion dollar personal fortune, which he made by foreclosing on the homes of working families and bankrupting small businesses, to try to buy this election. The grassroots support of MoveOn can make the difference and guarantee that a real Democrat and a true Progressive wins the primary on April 3,” said Garagiola. Political Action is a political action committee powered by more than 5 million Americans from every state and every congressional district. Since its founding in 1998, MoveOn has raised more than $29 million in small-donor contributions and MoveOn members have volunteered tens of millions of hours for progressive candidates. MoveOn members believe in the power of grassroots action to make our country a more progressive place and elect candidates who will fight to put the American Dream back within reach for all Americans.


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