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CD1: Planned Parenthood & Cecil Times Endorse John LaFerla // Democrat Seeks to Replace Tea Party Rep. Andy Harris

Physician John LaFerla has received two new endorsements in his bid for the Democratic nomination for Maryland's 1st District Congressional seat. The Cecil County newspaper, The Cecil Times, is endorsing John LaFerla, along with Planned Parenthood. Mr. LaFerla also previously received the endorsements of former Congressman Wayne Gilchrest and NARAL. He faces two opponents (Wendy Rosen & Kim Letke) for the chance to take on Tea Party Rep. Andy Harris this November.

The CD1 Democratic Primary has been fairly low-key thus far, but with only two days left until the Tuesday, April 3rd Democratic Primary, late-breaking endorsements might make the difference. See clips from John LaFerla's new endorsements below:
Endorsement: Dr. John LaFerla in 1st Dist. Congress Democratic Primary

CECIL TIMES: Voters in Tuesday’s Democratic primary have several choices of candidates in the Democratic primary to take on the difficult, and probably thankless, task of trying to unseat Republican incumbent Andy Harris in the 1st District seat in Congress. But Dr. John LaFerla, a Chestertown physician, is the clear choice for Cecil County voters who want to see Harris held accountable in public debate, especially for some of his, and his party’s, more extreme views on women’s health issues.
We think there is no one better qualified to challenge Harris, doctor-to-doctor, and Eastern Shore resident against Baltimore County resident, on a broad array of issues affecting the district. And despite Harris’ monumental fundraising advantage, LaFerla has shown himself in the past few months to be an impressive political fundraiser, tapping a network of medical professionals, just as Harris has, to fund his campaign. (As of 3/14/12, LaFerla had raised $86,838, while Harris has raised $936,962.)
Like it or not, it takes money to run a credible campaign, and Harris is enough of a high-profile, controversial Republican on many issues that LaFerla should be able to raise funds from donors, especially in the medical community, even though the voter registration odds are against him in the district. LaFerla only decided to run in December but he has made up for lost time with a steady influx of donations recently.

The other major candidate in the Democratic primary is Wendy Rosen, a Baltimore County businesswoman....

Some Rosen supporters say that as a former Republican who fairly recently changed her party registration, she would be effective in courting moderate GOP voters. Given Gilchrest’s fate, we don’t think there are many GOP moderates left in the district. If any inroads are to be made, it will be with independent, unaffiliated voters.

The rightward shift of the national Republican party especially on women’s health issues gives LaFerla an edge with independents and libertarians, and despite her gender, Rosen has not been as outspoken as LaFerla on such issues.

LaFerla has sent out mailers accusing Harris and fellow Republicans of waging a “war on women” on contraception and health issues. Harris says he is totally “pro-life” and has supported numerous bills seeking limits on abortion, including a measure that would have required a woman to prove to the IRS or a tax preparer that she had been raped before should could deduct medical expenses paid for an abortion....

The Cecil Times endorses Dr. LaFerla and encourages Shore Democrats to support him in the primary election on Tuesday.

[See his website here: ]

For Immediate Release

Planned Parenthood Endorses 
John LaFerla for Congress in Maryland

Chestertown, MD — Today, John LaFerla announced that he has received the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America PAC in his campaign for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.

John LaFerla said, “I am proud to have the endorsement of Planned Parenthood. I look forward to working with them to end Andy Harris’ extremist war on women and to ensure that women receive all the preventative health care they need.”

Jennifer Williams, the PAC and Board Affairs Manager of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America can be reached for further comment at 202-525-0364.

John LaFerla is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 1st District. He is a resident of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where he has practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology for more than a decade. His home is in Kent County and his private office is in Queen Anne’s County. He also sees patients at clinics in Caroline County and practices Public Health in Talbot.


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