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CD6: Joe Krysztoforski Releases Internal Poll Showing Dead Heat with Rep. Roscoe Bartlett // Sen. Brinkley in Distant Third

UPDATE: The Krysztoforski campaign has released some details on their polling sample, as well as county-level results of their survey. Note: Maryland Juice makes no claims about the data below.

CD6: Joe Krysztoforski Poll Results // Details on Sample and County Tabs

BACKGROUND: This weekend, State Senator David Brinkley released the results of internal polling showing his campaign in a dead heat with incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett. A rival campaign immediately cried foul, alleging that one of its supporters participated in the poll and claimed the caller only asked about Bartlett and Brinkley. They complained that the pollsters completely omitted the other GOP candidates from their questionnaire.

Today Tea Party candidate Joe Krysztoforski has released his own internal poll results, and he claims the he -- not David Brinkley -- is the actual leading challenger to Roscoe Bartlett. In Kryszotorski's poll, he is in a head heat with the incumbent, and State Senator Brinkley is in a distant third. See the press release below.

For Immediate Release

Krysztoforski Leads the Pack
TelePoll Shows Candidate Has Strong Grassroots Support

April 1, 2011 (Frederick, MD) – A poll of registered voters across Maryland’s 6th Congressional district was commissioned by Krysztoforski’s campaign committee. The Poll conducted between March 19th, 2012 and March 30th, 2012 shows Krysztoforski and Bartlett in a statistical dead heat.

The results are consistence with other straw polls;  The Frederick County GOP’s  January poll showing Krysztoforski with 46.2% and Bartlett with 46.7% of the vote, the poll conducted by the Hagerstown Tea Party, following their candidate forum, showing Krysztoforski with 26% and Bartlett with 27% of the vote and the political blog’s grassroots intensity poll,  showing Krysztoforski’s grassroots support at 47% and Bartlett’s at 13%. 

In this TelePoll of 1,000 likely republican voters, 200 from each county, evenly split between 18-70 year old male and female voters, Krysztoforski comes in at 37.8% and Bartlett comes in at 38.94%. a statistical dead heat. Brinkley comes in at 13.27% of the vote and the next closest challenger Afzali comes in at 5.1%. The remaining candidates combined came in at less than 4% of the vote. 2.3% of the voters polled were undecided. The poll has a +/- 3% margin of error.

Rosaria Wolff, a campaign spokesperson said, “…the results are not surprising given that he [Krysztoforski] has traveled over 50,000 miles since mid-2011, reaching out to voters from the urban areas of Montgomery County to the farmlands of Garrett County.”

“Joe spawned a grassroots movement which has hundreds of feet on the street. His volunteers have handed out over 20,000 palm cards, 3,000 ‘Get to Know Joe Krysztoforski’ booklets and delivered over 10,000 door hangers to homes throughout the district since January alone” said  Dale Davis, Krysztoforski’s Campaign Chairman.

Krysztoforski has been relentless in reaching out to voters, listening to their opinions,  attending social events, pancake breakfasts, chamber of commerce meetings and walking downtown business districts meeting with owners. This has led to grassroots support from all corners of the district.

When informed about the results on Sunday morning before leaving on a world wind tour across the district,
Krysztoforski said “While I’m pleased with the results, polls don’t always accurately predict the outcome of elections, however, they are good indictors of trending and the depth of support a candidate has among the voters and the effectiveness of their campaign volunteers. Obviously, my volunteers are extremely effective and my heartfelt thanks go out to each of them…”.

In an e-mail to volunteers announcing the results of the poll, Davis wrote “We must remain vigilant and not let our guard down. We need a full court press over the next two days to bring this election home.”

This poll and other polls support speculation by various pundits that Bartlett’s losing ground among previous supporters, voters don’t want another career politician representing them in Congress and in this economic climate, endorsements of politicians by other politicians don’t influence voters.


JTK for Congress is the official campaign committee supporting Joseph T. Krysztoforski's bid for Congress in Maryland's 6th District. The Constitutional Republican made his formal announcement to seek office on March 15, 2011. He began his campaign in earnest on April 18, 2011 at a Tea Party rally in Allegany County and continues to meet with residents in Frederick, Washington, Allegany, Garrett and Montgomery Counties. When elected, Krysztoforski will tap his 35 years’ experience in the private sector, as an educator, technologist, analyst and entrepreneur, to lead the way towards limited government, fiscal responsibility, enforcement of immigration laws, a fair simplified tax code, job growth, a strong national defense and formulation of plans to reduce the deficit, pay down the debt and address America’s economic crisis.


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