Thursday, April 5, 2012

CD1 UPDATE: Wendy Rosen Leads John LaFerla By 84 Votes in Current Absentee Count for Eastern Shore Democratic Primary

UPDATE: Hold on to your hats, folks! A source informs us that they believe the absentee results coming in are geographically biased, because entire counties haven't reported in yet.

WENDY ROSEN LEADS JOHN LAFERLA BY 84-VOTE MARGIN: As of primary election night this Tuesday, April 3rd, Maryland's 1st Congressional District Democratic Primary looked like it was a cliffhanger. Wendy Rosen ended the night 124 votes ahead of John LaFerla. But with the absentee ballots now counted, it appears that Mr. LaFerla has narrowed but not closed the gap.

Wendy Rosen is now 84 votes ahead of John LaFerla in the unofficial vote totals. See the screenshot of the election results below (click image to enlarge). The current count includes 1,272 absentee and/or provisional ballots.

Delmarva Now earlier today had a synopsis of the current status in the race, including the number of total absentee ballots -- which they state as 1,200 received out of roughly 1,600 mailed. Many of those ballots appear to have been tabulated in the current Board of Elections results. That means only the ballots not yet received by the BOE appear to be missing from the count. That number could be around 330 ballots outstanding. If that is true, LaFerla would need to be winning roughly 2-1 in the remaining ballots in order to prevail. Note: If I am reading this incorrectly, let me know: At least one source thinks there may be even more ballots outstanding than I am accounting for.
DELMARVA NOW: As of Wednesday, Wendy Rosen was the top vote-getter, leading John LaFerla of Chestertown by just 124 votes out of more than 24,000 cast in Tuesday's balloting. The State Board of Elections said that votes from one precinct with 88 registered Democrats remained to be counted; on Wednesday, the board began counting absentee ballots. Nearly 1,600 were mailed to the district's registered Democrats, and nearly 1,200 had been returned by Tuesday.

Will this be an 84 vote photo-finish?

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