Thursday, April 5, 2012

REPORT: MD Absentee Ballots Received Per District & County // P.S. MoCo School Board Has 452-Vote Margin w/ 3K Absentees

Maryland Juice was just flipping through the Maryland absentee ballot counts, so I thought I'd share them all with you. The numbers below show how many voters received absentee ballots, and how many have mailed them back. The numbers are split by Congressional District, and then by County. If you are monitoring any races that are currently too close to call, this may help you get a feel for your candidate's chances. Below, for example, the numbers give us an idea of whether the Montgomery County Board of Education results might change in the District 2 race.

SPOTLIGHT: 3,000+ ABSENTEE BALLOTS IN MOCO: One initial thing I've noted is that there appear to be well over 3,000 absentee ballots that have not yet been counted in Montgomery County. That means that the close result in the countywide Board of Education District 2 Primary *could* flip. The second and third place finishers are currently separated by a margin of 451 votes. You can think of a few scenarios why this result could change. For example, a candidate could be doing exceedingly well with absentee voters within a certain strong absentee demographic, or there could be a mundane scenario where a candidate simply didn't target absentee voters. Even still, I think a reversal is not terribly likely, given that there was a crowded field of strong challengers in the D2 race. That means for one candidate to gain 451 votes, they would have to do disproportionately well compared to their rivals. We'll know soon enough! See the pre-absentee results in the MoCo school board D2 race below. The absentees results will hopefully be out soon.

MOCO BOARD OF EDUCATION DISTRICT 2 (Results Without Absentee Counts)
  1. Fred Evans - 16,495 (24.8%) - MCEA Endorsed
  2. Rebecca Smondrowski - 14,938 (22.4%) - Washington Post Endorsed
  3. Jeanne Ellinport - 14,487 (21.7%) - MCEA Endorsed
  4. Susan Byrne - 13,828 (20.8%)
  5. Saqib Ali  - 6,878 (10.3%)

    Maryland Absentee Ballots Sent and Received - April 2012 Primary

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