Monday, April 23, 2012

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler's New Fundraising Letter Previews Issues for 2014 Governor's Race

A Maryland Juice reader has forwarded us a scanned copy of the following fundraising letter from Attorney General Doug Gansler. Two things are worth noting:
  1. Gansler's fundraising is not slowing down, and 
  2. Gansler is previewing a set of issues and accomplishments as Attorney General that he will likely highlight in a 2014 gubernatorial bid. 
We noted in January that Gansler was developing a large cash lead in the race for the 2014 Democratic Primary, with over $4 million in his war chest already. In the letter below, he highlights a body work around four issue areas:

  1. Environmental Enforcement & Alternative Energy
  2. Alcohol-Related Public Safety Issues & Senior Abuse
  3. Consumer Protections for Home Loans & Refinancing
  4. Internet Privacy
Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger & Rep. Roscoe Bartlett would do well to take note of number 4, given their recent decision to sponsor legislation encouraging government snooping of Internet social networks.

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