Monday, April 23, 2012

Obama Fundraising Mail Highlights Job Growth & Change // Plus, Bumpersticker Indicates Joe Biden Still on Ticket as VP

Maryland Juice just received the following fundraising package from President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. This is one of the first clear "re-election" pieces I have received, and it seems a bit more relevant now that we know how the GOP nominee will be. The three pieces in Obama's solicitation included:
  1. A new bumper sticker that is one more sign Obama will be keeping Joe Biden on as Vice President,
  2. A graph of job growth before and after Obama took office, and
  3. A list of "changes" promised in 2008 that Obama has advanced.
We provide copies of the three pieces below (click to enlarge):

Now, if we could just put some of Obama's other campaign promises back on the radar: ie: stopping U.S. torture/closing Guantanamo, repealing the Patriot Act, aggressive environmental enforcement and ending the failed federal War on Drugs....

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