Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RUMOR: Former Montgomery Exec Doug Duncan Polling Voters About A Comeback? // Executive & Comptroller Runs Considered

former MoCo Exec. Doug Duncan
UPDATE: The Rockville Patch published further comments from Doug Duncan regarding his future:
ROCKVILLE PATCH: “I’m looking at all my options,” Duncan said in a telephone interview....

“I’m not running for governor, not running for Congress,” Duncan, the county executive from 1995 through 2007, told Rockville Patch.

Duncan said he’s not particularly focused on the crowded field of potential candidates for comptroller, but is “exploring things” to see “where I’d be the best fit.”

He said he has not conducted any polling, nor does he have any immediate plans to do so.

Today, News Channel 8's Bruce DePuyt published an article indicating that former Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan is once again floating his own name for an unknown future office. This news excites Maryland Juice just about as much as a new Paul McCartney record release. Duncan previously toyed with a Congressional bid, then a Comptroller's bid, and now a Comptroller's bid OR another run for County Executive. See an excerpt from Mr. DePuyt's comments below (the full article includes a quote from Maryland Juice):
NEWS 8: Duncan, who served as executive from 1994-2006, told NewsChannel 8 “I’m looking at running again for something.” The former Rockville Mayor said he’s considering a run for his old job and state Comptroller, among others.

Current Executive Ike Leggett insists he will not seek re-election when his second term expires in 2014.

Reports have swirled for weeks that Duncan was conducting a poll to determine whether he remains politically viable. It’s clear he relishes a comeback. “There’s not a lot of vision out there,” he told NewsChannel 8.

Duncan has been out of politics since 2006, when he abandoned a bid for governor to seek treatment for depression.

The Return of Doug Duncan? Oy vey!

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