Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CD6 SORE LOSER: Senate President Mike Miller Compares John Delaney to Mitt Romney in Post-Election Commentary

UPDATE: The Washington Post carried additional snarky comments from Senate President Mike Miller about John Delaney:
Maryland’s powerful Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) offered perhaps the worst endorsement in recent memory. Miller said he would back Delaney: “Absolutely, I don’t know the gentleman, but if he can raise $800,000 for Hillary Clinton, he’s alright with me,” Miller said, referring to Delaney’s political fundraising prowess as a Montgomery County financier.
Contrast Mike Miller's comments about John Delaney with Gov. Martin O'Malley's recent statements in the press. The AP noted:  
Now, Democrats, including Gov. Martin O'Malley, are focusing on smoothing over any rifts as they seek to wrest away a seat 20 years under Republican control.
"He's a good person and I'm going to be doing everything I can to bring the party together to heal and to be successful for the people of Maryland come the fall," O'Malley, who endorsed Garagiola last week, said of Delaney on Wednesday.

SORE LOSERDOM: Maryland Juice just caught an undignified interview with Senate President Mike Miller in today's Baltimore Sun. The Democratic Party Leader in Maryland's Senate is apparently a sore loser and offering less than gracious comments for the new 6th Congressional District Democratic nominee John Delaney. Notably, Delaney beat Miller's hand-chosen pick State Senator Rob Garagiola by a landslide in yesterday's election.

Here is an excerpt from Mike Miller's magnanimous comments in The Sun:
Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said he'll back John Delaney's bid to win in sixth Congressional District -- but he'd also like to see the candidate's income tax forms....
"I would like to see him, now that the election is over, show is income taxes," Miller said. "That would be nice. We’re all about disclosure and ethics, it would be nice to see if he pays less than 15 percent, less than Mitt Romney, or more."

Miller also noted the vast amounts of money spent during the race. "The people spoke. But what spoke unfortunately was the unlimited dollars," Miller said.

Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis Meets 
with Ben Cardin & John Delaney to Plot Nov. Strategy

Wow. That's just a little bit off message. Meanwhile, the rest of the Democratic Party actually still cares about -- The Democratic Party.

Earlier today, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis had lunch with Mr. Delaney, along with Ben Cardin, the recently re-approved Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate. They were meeting to discuss strategy for the November General Election.

With control of the U.S. House at stake, Democratic leaders from around the Free State will be rallying around the Party's nominees this November. But apparently Mr. Miller is not exactly a team player.

Perhaps we need a new captain in the Maryland Senate?

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