Monday, May 7, 2012

VIDEO: Swing State Television Ad for Barack Obama's Re-Election // PLUS: Watch Obama's Campaign Kickoff Rally Speech

Marylanders are typically ignored during General Elections for the Presidency. The Free State is by most measures a solidly blue, liberal state, and so the Democrats don't really spend many resources shoring up Presidential candidates here.

Unfortunately for local politicos, that means we often miss the back and forth television advertising that candidates spend millions of dollars airing. Many might see this as a benefit, but I actually like to have a sense of what the candidates are saying to swing state voters. For those who feel similarly left out and envious of Virginia's new swing state status, we are providing one small way for you to stay on top of things. Below you can watch President Barack Obama's new re-election television spot

ABC News reports that the ad below is airing in nine battleground states: Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Nevada.


OBAMA'S FIRST RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN RALLY: Below you can also catch Barack Obama's campaign kickoff video. Over the weekend, he posted the following rally video from Columbus, Ohio. The video came with the following message:
This is a turning point for this campaign. Starting today with these rallies, we're entering a new stage -- and we don't intend to slow down until the last voter weighs in on November 6th.


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