Sunday, June 3, 2012

Harford Executive David Craig Wins MD Young Republicans Straw Poll for 2014 Governor // Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is #2

Maryland Juice will be very curious to see how Free State Republicans behave in their 2014 gubernatorial primary. After all, it seems like without a shake-up of some sort, the Maryland GOP is destined to remain a regional party for the forseeable future. I truly believe that the tone of the Republicans right now is waaaaay too screechy, racist and homophobic to compete in Maryland's suburbs (example: exactly one GOP legislator Senator supported marriage equality this year-- ONE -- and we're in the year 2012). I think these politicians are being half too cute by thinking they can get away with this or turning a blind eye to it. My hunch is that they are turning off a lot of independent, moderate, and suburban voters. It remains to be seen how long the taint will last, but it could be a long time.

In the era of Travyon Martin and Sonia Sotomayor, Republican politicians are engaging in high-profile efforts to demonize various residents. A few examples: they are warning residents about "black youth mobs," printing "Speak English" lawnsigns, passing English-only ordinances, slandering "gooks," and spending months blocking an African American servicemember from serving in elected office. Then they have the nerve to be astonished that voters won't reward them simply for spouting shameless anti-tax rhetoric?!?!?! Wow, just wow.

While some will argue that this is a few bad apples tarnishing the whole party, Maryland Juice is hearing crickets from GOP elected officials. Their silence says all, and means they are okay with their party being defined by the loud idiocracy.

It is unclear how representative the Maryland Young Republicans will be of the overall GOP vote, but they conducted a gubernatorial straw poll this weekend at their annual convention. The results are at least one hint of how the race may go, but we do not yet know who will run, how much cash they will raise, and what their messages will be. But as of now, we have no evidence that GOP candidates in Maryland have the good sense to reject Tea Party perspectives on social issues. Only time will tell....

See the results of the Maryland Young Republicans straw poll (excerpt below):
2012 Maryland Young Republicans Convention
2014 Gubernatorial Straw Poll Results
  1. Harford County Executive David Craig: 25%
  2. Former Lt. Governor Michael Steele: 21%
  3. Former Secretary Larry Hogan: 13%
  4. Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young: 8%
  5. Corrogan Vaughn (write-in): 8%
  6. 2010 Congressional Candidate Charles Lollar: 4%
  7. 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Murphy: 4%
  8. Pat Daly (write-in): 4%
  9. MDYR Chairman Brian Griffiths (write-in): 4%
  10. Former U.S. Senate Candidate Alan Keyes (write-in): 4%
  11. Undecided: 4%
Former Senate Minority Leader Marty Madden and Delegate Pat McDonough were listed on the ballot, but received no votes

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