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OUCH: Del. Don Dwyer's GOP Colleague Nic Kipke Calls on Him to Resign // PLUS: Readers Weigh In With Commentary

UPDATE: The Capital Gazette has an editorial about the Don Dwyer boating scandal, where they raise the same issues of moral hypocrisy pointed out by Maryland Juice (excerpt below):
CAPITAL GAZETTE: The delegate hasn’t been slow to condemn what he sees as the moral failings of others. Indeed, our problem with him has been not his politics, but that he has always seemed more interested in moralizing from the House floor than in legislating or fighting for his constituents’ interests.

DEL. NIC KIPKE CALLS ON DWYER TO RESIGN: An elected official and Maryland Juice reader has forwarded us news that Delegate Don Dwyer's colleague Del. Nic Kipke is calling on the embattled lawmaker to resign. Dwyer and Kipke both represent legislative District 31, along with Del. Steven Schuh. Kipke's comments appeared in The Capital Gazette (excerpt below):
CAPITAL GAZETTE: One of Del. Don Dwyer’s closest colleagues is urging the Pasadena lawmaker to resign after admitting to consuming alcohol while operating a powerboat involved in a serious accident on the Magothy River on Wednesday.

Del. Nic Kipke — who, like Dwyer, is a District 31 Republican and is generally one of Dwyer’s closest conservative allies on social issues — said he was outraged at Dwyer’s conduct.

“This is horrific,” Kipke said. “I am sure Del. Dwyer has profound regret for behavior that he knew better than to engage in, but his lapse of judgment is beyond the pale. … If it were me, I would be so ashamed of what I did, and the consequences of what I did, I would sincerely consider stepping down....”
ANALYSIS OF CRIMINAL CHARGES FACING DWYER: The calls for resignation are not surprising, given that it appears Dwyer is likely to face some sort of criminal charges stemming from his admission of driving a boat while intoxicated. WBAL highlighted commentary from a Maryland DWI attorney in analyzing the potential charges facing Dwyer (excerpt below):
WBAL: Anne Arundel County state Delegate Republican Don Dwyer potentially faces serious legal charges. Experts said his political future is in doubt....

"...Children were hurt. There is no excuse," attorney Bruce Robinson said....

Robinson of Robinson Associates in Pikesville is an expert in Maryland DUI and DWI law. Robinson said he believes Dwyer faces several charges.

"The biggest charge he has is operating under the influence, operating, in his case, a vessel or boat under the influence. It carries a maximum of a year, and then there's a reckless charge that can be associated with that which carries another 30 days on top of that," Robinson said....

Legal experts contend the amount, the accident and the fact children were hurt will be unforgivable to a judge.

Maryland Juice readers of all political stripes are beginning to send us notes of condemnation or derision in response to Dwyer's scandals. See two examples below:
READER #1: The state of Maryland should honor Dwyer by naming an airport after him - BWI (Boating While Intoxicated).

READER #2: One TV newscast said that his legislative effectiveness would be lessened. Yet, he has not had one bill of his enacted in his 15 sessions.  (One passed House and Senate but vetoed as a duplicate. None enacted) Why would people vote for that level of bringing home the bacon to your District? How can your effectiveness be less than nothing?

Marylanders are also beginning to condemn Dwyer online, through messages direct at Dwyer's Twitter account (@DelegateDwyer). See a few examples, including a photo meme below:

Meme Source: Twitter


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