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Another Alleged Scandal w/ Del. Don Dwyer Emerges // GOP Drunk Driver Left Wife & Kids, Church Ex-Communicated Him?

UPDATE: A reader in the comments section explains the manner in which one can become excommunicated from Del. Don Dwyer's church. The alleged adultery was not the issue, rather Dwyer's refusal to explain the adultery potentially led to the church booting him. 
ANONYMOUS READER: Juice, just to make sure you understand what excommunication for contempt of church (or more likely, for leaving fellowship or refusing to obey presbytery leaders in their request for dialogue, is not the same thing as being excommunicated for unrepentant adultery. In th EP church, excommunication means removal from fellowship/membership of that local church. It can be for biblical reasons (i.e. unrepentant sin) or for breaking a covenant with other church members (e.g. Non-attendance). That is to say, your conclusions are making quite a leap.


Pasadena Evangelical Presbyterian Church
MORE "FAMILY VALUES" HYPOCRISY REVEALED: A Maryland Juice reader has sent us allegations of further moral hypocrisy from GOP lawmaker Don Dwyer. Last night we discussed the drunk boating accident involving Maryland's Tea Party Delegate, and we even highlighted Dwyer's dating profile. But as it turns out, there may be a reason that the Republican hypocrite has been cruising the online dating scene. A member of Dwyer's former church, the Pasadena Evangelical Presbyterian Church, alleges that Dwyer left his wife and children, but was excommunicated after failing to explain the circumstances to his church:
ANONYMOUS READER #1: I'm a member at the Church which excommunicated him late Spring. I don't have access to the session minutes, but he was excommunicated for "contumacy" (contempt of church) after he refused to answer why he abandoned his wife and kids and started sleeping around.
Notably, the website for Dwyer's church highlights a focus on the family (excerpt below):

PASADENA EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: We are a community of believers that seeks to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by worshiping Him together with our families....  Each family will be encouraged to see their home as an outpost for the Gospel and themselves as ambassadors for Christ.

Normally, the extracurricular activities of individuals, even elected officials, would not be a newsworthy story. But Delegate Don Dwyer has been famously crusading on so-called "family values," especially while leading the charge against same-sex marriage in Maryland. This makes his behavior a matter of public hypocrisy. Indeed, insiders have been mentioning Dwyer's double-standard to Maryland Juice for several months now, but this is the first time the matter is now being confirmed by multiple sources. Check out this comment from another Maryland Juice reader as an example (excerpt below):
ANONYMOUS READER #2: The mind continues to boggle that Pasadena would keep sending this disaster to legislature. Ever since his Uncle Mickey became one of the first people in Maryland to die of AIDS (back in the 1980's) he has been pretty whacked about gender and relationships in general. (Even his own. We know one of the ways that another candidate was able to keep Don out of the senatorial primary in a previous cycle was knowledge of an extra-marital affair Don supposedly had - info shared by Don.) Don was making a play for the senate nod in 32.... Don bowed out rather than have details emerge.

CONSERVATIVES DISTANCING THEMSELVES FROM DWYER: Indeed, it appears that conservatives and Republican officials in Maryland are loathe to stand by Dwyer through his ridiculous scandals. In the comments section of our article about his drunk boating accident, for example, a reader noted:
ANONYMOUS READER #3: I am a conservative Republican and I am disappointed with Del. Dwyer's actions. I am praying for the family hurt in the accident as well as for himself. However I hope that he resigns. There should not be a double standard and I would demand the same of any other elected official.
In addition, The Associated Press yesterday published commentary on the Dwyer boating scandal from House Republican leaders in Maryland:
AP: Maryland's House Republican leaders say they are troubled by the boating accident involving Delegate Don Dwyer, who has admitted he had been drinking before a collision that hospitalized six people, including the delegate.

Delegate Anthony O'Donnell, the House minority leader, and Delegate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, the minority whip, released a short joint statement on Friday....

They say while they appreciate that Dwyer was candid about his drinking, "we are troubled by these circumstances."

P.S. DWYER'S BOATING COMPANION WAS A POLICE OFFICER AND GOP CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF: In a small detail about the boating accident that has received little public scrutiny, Dwyer was driving with one other person, John Moran IV. It turns out that Moran is a former police officer who previously ran as a Republican for Anne Arundel County Sheriff. OMG!

More on the investigation of Delegate Don Dwyer soon!

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