Monday, September 10, 2012

CD1 OMG: Rep. Andy Harris' Opponent Drops Out After Voting in 2 States // Dems to Write-In Replacement for Wendy Rosen

PLUS: Democratic runner-up John LaFerla is up for the challenge of waging a write-in campaign against Tea Party Rep. Andy Harris

Wendy Rosen: "Did I Do That?"
Wendy Rosen is causing chaos today, after abruptly resigning as the Democrats' 1st Congressional District nominee. Rosen, a former Republican, won the right to take on Tea Party Rep. Andy Harris for his Eastern Shore-anchored U.S. House seat after winning last April's Democratic Primary. But Delmarva Now reported on her resignation from the race earlier today, due to "personal issues:"
DELMARVA NOW: Wendy Rosen, the Democratic candidate challenging Andy Harris for the Eastern Shore’s congressional seat, has resigned from the race.

In an email sent to Yvette Lewis, chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party, Monday, Rosen said she regrets the decision to withdraw from the race, but believes Maryland’s 1st Congressional District still deserves a candidate to challenge incumbent Republican Congressman Andy Harris in November.

MARYLAND DEMS ASK WENDY ROSEN TO WITHDRAW FROM CD1 RACE AFTER DISCOVERING HER VOTER FRAUD (?!?) HISTORY: In a follow-up report to the story, The Associated Press divulged that Wendy Rosen's "personal issues" were that she has committed voter fraud. OMG! Talk about "off message" -- this is truly astonishing.
Apparently, someone tipped off the Maryland Democratic Party that Rosen has been voting in both Maryland and Florida, and the Dems responded by asking her to withdraw from the race. On top of that, they referred the matter to prosecutors and the Attorney General. Amazingly, there are only a half-dozen people who have ever been known to have committed voter fraud, and Rosen is one of them! This is truly unbelievable. See this excerpt from the wild AP report below:
ASSOCIATED PRESS: In a letter to Maryland's attorney general and the state prosecutor, the chair of the Maryland Democratic Party wrote that Rosen has been registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland since at least 2006. Party chairwoman also said in the letter that Rosen voted in the 2006 general election and the 2008 presidential primaries in both Florida and Maryland....

"We believe that this is a clear violation of Maryland law and urge the appropriate office to conduct a full investigation...." The party demanded Rosen withdraw, Lewis said in a statement.

MARYLAND DEMS FORCED TO WAGE A WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN IN THE 1ST DISTRICT: Maryland Juice has now received a press statement from the Maryland Democrats, and they are now announcing a write-in campaign for the 1st District. What a mess!
MARYLAND DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Despite withdrawing from the race, Wendy Rosen cannot remove herself from the ballot. The Maryland Democratic Party will therefore work with our local Democratic Central Committees to identify, designate and support one write-in candidate in November.

DEMOCRATIC RUNNER-UP JOHN LAFERLA IS ON TO RUN AGAINST ANDY HARRIS: For what it's worth, Cecil Times is reporting that Dr. John LaFerla, who narrowly lost the Democratic Primary to Rosen, is up for a few weeks to campaign against Rep. Andy Harris:

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