Tuesday, September 11, 2012

VIDEO: Maryland Juice Interview with Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown // PLUS: What's on Anthony Brown's iPod?

During last week's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Maryland Juice dispatched a correspondent (Jed Millard) to interview our 2014 gubernatorial candidates. We previously posted our interview with Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, and today we have the results of Jed Millard's interview with Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown.

In the video below, Anthony Brown sheds light on a few topics, including:
  1. His ideological matches in federal office
  2. His issue priorites for 2014
  3. Campaigns that have influenced his career
  4. What's playing in his iPod

IPOD SPOILER ALERT: If you want to know how Anthony Brown's iPod stacks up to Ken Ulman's, I'll give you the quick answer. Anthony Brown is still jamming out to Earth, Wind & Fire, while Ken Ulman gets down with Jack Johnson, U2 and Bruce Springsteen. Notably, Mr. Brown states he also has Sade on his iPod, but he attributes that to his wife. Likewise, Mr. Ulman admits that Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift appear on his iPod, but he points the finger at his daughters for their inclusion on his playlist.

P.S. CENTER MARYLAND INTERVIEW WITH KEN ULMAN - If you're interested in more tea leaves surrounding Maryland's 2014 gubernatorial race, Center Maryland's Josh Kurtz today has an interview with HoCo Exec. Ken Ulman (excerpt below):
CENTER MARYLAND: So does [Ken Ulman] pull the trigger and run? The wise guys say he ultimately realizes that he can’t win this time around and decides to run for attorney general – where he’d have far more money than anyone else – or accepts a place on Brown’s ticket. Perhaps, not coincidentally, Ulman professes to be “very good friends” with Brown, though he allows that each of his potential rivals “has pros and cons....”

Ulman says he’ll continue contemplating his options for 2014 and will probably make a final decision fairly early in 2013.

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