Friday, September 7, 2012

VIDEO: Maryland Juice Interviews HoCo Executive Ken Ulman // Find Out What's On His iPod, His Views on Gambling & More!

MEET 2014 GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE KEN ULMAN: Maryland Juice dispatched Jed Millard to serve as our live correspondent at the Democratic National Convention this week. His mission was to interview potential candidates for Maryland Governor in 2014. The first video from Jed's stalking mission features Howard County Executive Ken Ulman. In the video below, Ulman sheds light on a range of topics, including:
  1. His ideological matches in federal office
  2. Whether he supports marriage equality
  3. How he got hip hop star Biz Markie to headline a fundraiser
  4. His views on gambling expansion in Maryland
  5. What's playing in his iPod

Watch Maryland Juice's interview with HoCo Exec Ken Ulman below:

Stay tuned for an interview with Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown!


  1. He didn't actually answer any of the substantive questions! What an evasive lightweight!

  2. What did you expect? Ulman is a publicity hound, devoid of substance.