Saturday, October 13, 2012

Police Union Accuses MoCo Exec & Council of "Making False Statements" About Question B // PLUS: Electeds Take Sides

BACKGROUND: Montgomery County's police union is sparring with the County Executive and Council over "effects bargaining rights." A "vote for" Question B this November would eliminate the Fraternal Order of Police's ability to bargain over certain management decisions impacting their work.

Elected officials and organizations in the County are beginning to take sides. Below you can see the latest materials from the police union, including a flyer rebutting Montgomery County's most recent Question B advocacy, a list of endorsers for a "vote against" Question B, and a video of a recent labor union press conference on the issue:
Montgomery County Police Union Flyer Urging "Vote Against" Question B

Here is a flyer listing endorsers of a "vote against" Question B:

Below you can watch a video of this week's police union press conference about Question B. Senator Roger Manno and labor leaders came out to urge a "vote against" Question B:

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