Tuesday, October 30, 2012

POLL RESULTS: New Goucher Survey Shows Majority Support Marriage Equality, Dream Act & Gambling // READ FINDINGS

BACKGROUND: A Maryland Juice source has forwarded us the inaugural poll results from Goucher College's inaugural "Goucher Poll." The Baltimore-based school will now be polling Marylanders on a variety of topics and periodically releasing results. Their first surveys, not surprisingly, capture opinion on several items on Maryland's Presidential Election ballot.

OBAMA-ROMNEY APPROVAL RATINGS: Goucher surveyed Marylanders on Obama-Romney approval ratings, and not surprisingly, the President remains popular in the Free State:
  • 60% of Marylanders view Obama favorably
  • 64% of Marylanders view Romney unfavorably

O'MALLEY APPROVAL RATINGS: As for Governor Martin O'Malley:
  • 45% view the Governor favorably
  • 36% view the Governor unfavorably

BALLOT QUESTION RESULTS: But the the survey results on a few key issues in Maryland are a bit interesting. First, Goucher's poll confirms a sizeable lead in support for both marriage equality (Question 6) and the Dream Act (Question 4). But surprisingly, they are showing that a majority of respondents favor gambling expansion (Question 7). Other polls had been showing a more even divide on this question. Notably, 87% of Marylanders have reported seeing the endless array of gambing ads on television. See a summary of the results below:
  • Gambling Expansion (Question 7): 50% For vs. 44% Against
  • Marriage Equality (Question 6): 55% For vs. 39% Against
  • Dream Act (Question 4): 57% For vs. 39% Against

PIT-BULL RULING: Goucher also asked respondents to weigh in on whether they agreed or disagreed with the Maryland court ruling that pit bulls are "inherently dangerous."
  • Ruling Pit Bulls "Inherently Dangerous": 42% Agree vs. 52% disagree

See the Goucher poll results below:
Goucher Ballot Question & Pit Bull Poll Results

Goucher Obama-Romney-O'Malley Approval Ratings

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