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CONFLICT: Prince George's Democratic Chair Terry Speigner Campaigning to be Del. Tiffany Alston's Replacement

UPDATE: OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST - Am I the only one that finds it strange that candidates for the D24 vacancy, have to send their materials to one of their competitors (aka PGDCC Chair Terry Speigner)? Look closely at the email below, which indicates that candidates to replace Del. Tiffany Alston need to send their applications to another candidate for the seat. Speigner tries to pre-empt this issue in the letter below, where he states:
TERRY SPEIGNER: In closing, I know some people are wondering if I can serve as the simultaneously as the Chairman of the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee and in the House of Delegates. The simple answer is yes I can do both.
Well, I'm glad HE decided he can be objective! The optics of this are just terrible, considering that the reason why there is a vacancy has to do with the appearance of impropriety.

BACKGROUND: We recently discussed how there was a looming vacancy for Delegate Tiffany Alston's District 24 House seat. We noted that Alston had copped a plea after facing criminal charges for misuse of taxpayer funds and that prosecutors insisted the agreement would trigger Alston's suspension from office. Now Delegate Alston's Prince George's-based seat is going to filled through a vacancy appointment process in the Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee (PGDCC). It also turns out that the recently re-elected Chair of the PGDCC himself, Terry Speigner, is interested in the position. This is a bit "ironic" since The Gazette just noted that Speigner would be guiding the recommendations of the PGDCC as it worked to fill the vacancies created by Alston and Delegate Justin Ross (excerpt below):
GAZETTE: As chairman, Speigner will guide the committee as it makes recommendations to fill two House vacancies in the next few weeks: one in District 22, for the seat held by Del. Justin D. Ross (D) of Hyattsville until he retires from the House on Nov. 9; and one in District 24, for the seat held by Del. Tiffany T. Alston (D) of Mitchellville until two weeks ago, when she was suspended from office after pleading no contest to a charge that she misused campaign money. Hearings to fill the two seats are scheduled for Nov. 15 and Nov. 2, respectively.
Below you can see that Terry Speigner is now actively seeking the appointment for the District 24 House vacancy. An anonymous Maryland Juice reader forwarded us a copy of the email Speigner is sending to activate his supporters. Check out his action campaign below -- it also happens to include instructions on how District 24 residents can apply for the vacancy themselves:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Terry Speigner 
Date: Monday, October 29, 2012
Subject: URGENT REQUEST: I personally need your help this week
To: Terry Speigner <>
Hello neighbors,

As you may recall, Delegate Tiffany Alston was suspended from the Legislative District 24 Maryland House of Delegates on October 9, 2012. The Maryland Constitution requires that the Central Committee submit a name to the Governor within 30 days to fill a vacancy. This could be a temporary appointment or an appointment to complete her unexpired term through December 2014.

I am writing to let you know that I am seeking the appointment of the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee to fill the vacancy in the Legislative District 24 Maryland House of Delegates.

For many years, together we have worked to make District 24 and our County a place where our children, our seniors, schools, safety, economic prosperity and high community standards are priorities. I am running because I want to continue the great work we have done and with your support I will continue our work in Annapolis, where I along with Senator Joanne Benson and Delegates Carolyn J.B. Howard and Michael Vaughn can bring back money and resources to our communities.

The vacancy public hearing for this process will take place on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Glenarden City Hall – Goldroom. I am asking you to attend and to show your support for my candidacy.

How can you help? You can send a letter of support via email to me as soon as possible before Friday, November 2, 2012. Please address the letter to: PGCDCC| 4725 Silver Hill Road, Suitland, Maryland 20746 (Please remember to email your letter of support to me).

Ways You Can Help District 24 and Terry Speigner:

1.       Write a letter of support for me. What do you put in a letter of support?
·         I know Terry through his involvement with….
·         Terry will serve us well because….
·         He is committed to his community…..
2.       Please attend the hearing on Friday, November 2nd @ 7pm to testify for me or to just show your support.

In closing, I know some people are wondering if I can serve as the simultaneously as the Chairman of the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee and in the House of Delegates. The simple answer is yes I can do both.

Please see the information below on the public hearing for the vacancy appointment hearing.

Please call me should you have any questions at 202.550.2782. I thank you in advance for your support.

Best Regards,   Terry L. Speigner 9907 Rosa Vista Court | Mitchellville, MD 20721
202.550.2782 – Cell

Contact: Terry Speigner, Chairman
Phone: (202) 550-2782

24th District House of Delegates Vacancy appointment PUBLIC hearing

Suitland, MD, October 21, 2012:  The Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee (PGCDCC) will hold a hearing on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. for the purpose of filling a vacancy in the Maryland House of Delegates for Legislative District 24. The hearing will be held at the City of Glenarden Municipal Center – Goldroom, 8600 Glenarden Parkway, Glenarden, MD 20706.

Legislative District 24 residents interested in being considered for appointment to this vacancy must follow the instructions below:

  1. Submit a letter of interest and resume to the PGCDCC no later than Wednesday, October 31, 2012 by 11:59 p.m. (letters received after this date and time will not be accepted)
  2. Include a copy of your voter registration card. Only registered Democrats will be considered for the vacancy.
  3. Include evidence that you currently live in Legislative District 24 (copy of utility bill and one of the following; copy of apartment lease or copy of property tax bill or record)
  4. Bring 24 copies of your complete package to the hearing on November 2, 2012 (one copy for each PGCDCC member)
Please email, fax or mail your complete package as follows:


Best Regards,   Terry L. Speigner Chairman | Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee 4725 Silver Hill Road Suitland, Maryland 20746 202-550-2782 - Cell

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