Monday, October 29, 2012

JuiceBlender: Dem Women Dominate, Marriage Equality Boosters Work Polls, Senate Race for 2nd, No Monday Early Vote

Below Maryland Juice provides a blend of news tidbits about the current election battles, starting with early vote news:

JUICE #1: NO EARLY VOTING TODAY (MONDAY) - In case you haven't already heard, Gov. Martin O'Malley has shut down early voting today, due to the Hurricane. He made the announcement in a recent storm update (excerpt below):
GOVERNOR O'MALLEY: Since Thursday October 25, the entire state of Maryland has been under a state of emergency. Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching and forecasters predict that it will be a large, violent storm that could knock out power for a few days and cause significant damage. This is a serious, killer storm. It's important that everyone is vigilant.... Due to the storm, we are canceling early voting on Monday October 29, 2012.

Question 6 supporters at Baltimore City poll
JUICE #2: BALTIMORE CITY VIDEO // MARRIAGE EQUALITY VOLUNTEERS DOMINATE POLL COVERAGE - A Maryland Juice reader (Hat tip: Lisa Polyak) sent us the following video footage of the last-minute campaigning at a Baltimore City early voting location.

The clip below was shot yesterday, the second day of Early Voting in Maryland, and it includes Maryland Juice's "Obama + Dream Act + Marriage Equality" lawnsign. (Note: video edited by Juice):
LISA POLYAK: I shot short video walking the line of folks waiting to get into the polling sign-in at the League for People With Disabilities polling station on Cold Spring Lane.  Wait time estimated at 1.5-2 hours.  Note the only folks staffing the voter line were YES on 6; NO on 7 and YES on 7.  Fun shot at the end is someone who was walking the line (yesterday & today) with one of your Obama/Dream Act/Marriage Equality signs.

JUICE #3: DEMS MAINTAIN EARLY VOTE ADVANTAGE ON DAY 2 // DEM WOMEN 45-65 DOMINATING TURNOUT - Yesterday, we reported that the first day of early voting demonstrated greater enthusiasm from Democratic voters in Maryland. They turned out at nearly twice the rate as Republicans, and the latest report from the Board of Elections proves it wasn't a fluke. Dems turned out at nearly twice the rate of Republicans on the second day of early voting. Also of note is that Democratic women age 45-65 are turning out in far larger numbers than any other group (see page 5 of the full BOE report below). In fact, twice as many women fitting that profile turned out than the next highest group -- Democratic men age 45-65, who are in 2nd place. But first, here's the current total D & R turnout from the first two days of balloting:
  • Democrats 91,185 (4.43%) vs. Republicans 26,809 (2.79%)
Maryland Early Vote Turnout: Days 1 & 2

JUICE #4: U.S. SENATE RACE BECOMES BATTLE FOR 2ND PLACE FOR MARYLAND GOP - The Capital Gazette today quotes a politico who highlights the shabby state of the Maryland GOP. The article notes that Maryland's U.S. Senate battle between Ben Cardin, Rob Sobhani, and Dan Bongino has become a race for 2nd place (Hat tip: Maryland Reporter). Indeed, with Cardin so far ahead in the race, the Maryland GOP stands to lose a lot of face. Even still, Maryland Juice doubts that a trouncing this year will lead to much soul-searching by the Free State Republicans. See an excerpt from The Capital Gazette below:
CAPITAL GAZETTE: “...anybody who observes Maryland politics and isn’t partisan has to agree: Maryland’s Republican Party is a mess.” [Todd] Eberly, a political independent, said the GOP is simply too conservative for the bulk of Maryland voters, who do not consider “progressive” a dirty word. “You don’t run a candidate who would win in Texas, in Maryland,” Eberly said.... The real challenge for the GOP may be staying out of third place.

JUICE #5: CRAZY FULL PAGE ANTI-MARRIAGE EQUALITY AD IN BALTIMORE SUN - A reader sent us the following photos of a full-page ad in yesterday's Baltimore Sun urging Christians to oppose marriage equality. They also provide us with choice quotes from the screed. See below. Notably, a majority of Christians support LGBT rights.
BALTIMORE SUN ANTI-MARRIAGE EQUALITY AD: "Gay marriage is Satan's unfinished business - a repeat scene, similar to the one recorded in the garden of Eden, where Satan tempted Eve, 'in the day you eat from the tree your eyes will be open and you will be like God, knowing good and evil (Genesis 3:5).' In the leaglization of gay marriage, man is now like God, determining good and evil."
The closing tag line states:
This Treatise is Encouraged by the People of God at the Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church, Baldwin, MD (Dr. Robert A. Condict, Pastor)


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