Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TV AD: Independent Rob Sobhani Attacks U.S. Senator Ben Cardin // PLUS: Conservative Super PAC Attacks Sobhani

NEW SOBHANI AD ATTACKS CARDIN: The dynamics in Maryland's U.S. Senate battle are beginning to shift. Last month, we reported that independent candidate Rob Sobhani was tied for 2nd place with GOP nominee Dan Bongino. But Sobhani is appearing to try and position himself as the alternative to Ben Cardin today, with a new ad attacking the incumbent Democrat by name (watch below):

RIGHTWING SUPER PAC ATTACKS SOBHANI: Meanwhile, Republican Dan Bongino's supporters are busy trying to keep the anti-Cardin vote from drifting to Rob Sobhani. A conservative "Super PAC" called the Conservative Victory PAC has released a negative video slamming Sobhani and promoting Bongino (watch below). The Super PAC's "about us" section states:
Conservative Victory PAC is both a federal and a Super PAC dedicated to supporting conservative political candidates for office in Annapolis and in Washington, DC.

The text accompanying the ad states:
CONSERVATIVE VICTORY PAC: Why a candidate chose to run for office is an important thing to consider. Dan Bongino's reason has resonated with supporters across Maryland. Despite Rob Sobhani buying his way onto the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate, Dan Bongino is the only true independent voice in the race. Dan is the only one speaking for Marylanders.


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