Monday, November 5, 2012

SCANNED DOC: Gambling Expansion Opponents Alert Dream Act Supporters to National Harbor Opposition to Question 4

UPDATE:  COMPTROLLER PETER FRANCHOT HIGHLIGHTS PRO-QUESTION 7 OPPOSITION TO MARRIAGE EQUALITY - Comptroller Peter Franchot's last Facebook update highlighted late-breaking evidence that supporters of gambling expansion (Question 7) are financing opposition to marriage equality (Question 6). Not surprisingly, Franchot sees this as another reason to "vote against" Question 7. He has been crusading against Question 7 for months. See below:

Unbelievable. Folks, this is who our state's Democratic machine has chosen to join forces with this year. Hoping that all Marylanders who truly support progressive Democratic values will take a stand tomorrow against discrimination -- and deliver a powerful statement against machine politics -- by voting AGAINST Question 7.

Maryland Juice was just at a Montgomery County rally for Dream Act supporters, where numerous Democratic politicians joined Dreamers and Question 4 advocates in Silver Spring. But interestingly enough, I was handed a flyer made by opponents of gambling expansion (Question 7), alerting Dream Act supporters that National Harbor was financing opposition to Question 4. See the flyer below, which quotes Maryland Juice and a Baltimore Sun article about the new revelations:
Question 7 vs. Question 4 Flyer

Below you can also see a few photos from the rally:

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