Sunday, November 4, 2012

SARCASM // Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin: Death Penalty for Adulterers More Effective than Opposing Marriage Equality

Maryland Juice just caught a debate between Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin and a bunch of conservatives on Facebook. Mr. Slavin (a Montgomery County Democrat) proposed an interesting (tongue-in-cheek) policy solution for those who are concerned about the state of marriage and therefore opposing marriage equality (Question 6). The Somerset Mayor suggested that if folks are concerned about marriage, they should support the death penalty for adulterers rather than oppose marriage equality. Catch the amusing filibuster below, but note that the key passage states:
JEFFREY SLAVIN: I am pro-marriage.. I think adultery should be prosecuted and perhaps adulterers should be given the death penalty. That would be the best way to SAVE MARRIAGE

Hilarious stuff from the Mayor of Somerset!

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