Thursday, February 7, 2013

GOTCHA POLITICS: Sen. Jamie Raskin Allegedly Played Chess During Gun Hearing // Sen. Nancy Jacobs Defends Potty Breaks

Gun control opponents are gleefully circulating a photo of State Senator Jamie Raskin allegedly playing chess during a multi-hour hearing on Maryland gun control efforts. This is a bit of a hatchet job, considering that other members of the committee below left the chamber for hours at a time. By many accounts, Raskin was one of the more engaged Senators during the nine hours of testimony by gun control opponents:

SEN. NANCY JACOBS DEFENDS BATHROOM BREAKS DURING GUN CONTROL HEARING - Interestingly, Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs proved to be good-natured about Raskin's gotcha moment and commented on Facebook: "I did not see him 'playing chess" on his laptop during the hearing. I sit directly across the room from Sen Raskin and I thought he was paying attention throughout most of the hearing...." Additionally, Jacobs also defended bathroom breaks and snack-time for State Senators who had to endure the hours of testimony. See the Facebook screencaps below:

BACK TO REALITY: Getting back to reality here, let's remember that there were literally hundreds of people providing repetitive testimony opposing gun control. In fact, it was by design that opponents sought to flood the hearings with voices from their side. Check out a photo of the line to testify:

Marylanders line-up to testify on gun control legislation (Source: Maryland Shooters)

GUN CONTROL OPPONENTS ARE VOCAL BUT IN THE MINORITY - Before gun advocates get too excited, they need to put their strong turnout in Annapolis in context. Though the constituency of gun control opponents is quite vocal, the political reality facing the NRA is that Maryland voters are largely pro-gun control (save for Republicans). This fact was confirmed by a recent poll from Gonzales research (see below) showing every demographic group except Republicans supporting an assault weapons ban. Indeed, a majority of Democrats, Independents, Men and Women all support a prohibition on assault weapon sales in Maryland. Accordingly, an overwhelming 88% of Maryland voters support background checks at gun shows:


More on the Maryland gun control debate soon!


  1. The time is now, forward, common sense, be a victim. What a load of crap.

  2. People took off of work to be heard and he did not even listen and that is his job.

  3. Nobody ask for my opinion

  4. Shame you people are trying to run roughshod over our rights. Stomping on the fresh graves of children. These guys are opportunists of the worst kind. Most of us took time off to show up there. The gun grabbers couldn't even fill their allotted time. Yeah, we are organized and yeah I'll be back. Did I mention I am a freshly minted lower case democrat. I get to vote in the primary too. The idea is catching on. These polls proceed at their own peril. Guns and bibles baby.

  5. Put our strong showing in context? 4000 people show up to testify in opposition to gun control, so many in fact we shut down the Senate building for the first time in history. 600,000 email sent opposing this bill, some delegates and Senators admitting getting 2000-3000 emails opposing this bill to less than 20 in support. What context am I missing?

    If the proponents of this bill exist, they obviously do not care enough to be heard.