Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Washington Post Names Maryland Juice One of America's "Best State-Based Political Blogs" // 718,707 Pageviews & Counting!

Today Maryland Juice was named one of America's "best state-based political blogs" by The Washington Post's bloggers at The Fix. Hat tip: @MattVerghese:

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza explained how they assembled their 2013 list of best state political blogs (excerpt below):
WASHINGTON POST: After weeks of combing through, literally, thousands of nominations we are ready to unveil the Fix’s 2013 list of the best state-based political blogs! .... This is your United States.... In many states we got so many nominations that we had to name more than one blog as best. In three states — Alaska, Hawaii and West Virginia — we got NO nominations. But we didn’t want to hold the whole process up simply because those three states couldn’t keep up.

A note: All of these blogs are nominated by Fix readers. Many of them are partisan — on both sides — and it should go without saying that we don’t endorse the opinions expressed in them. But, we are saying it anyway....

THANK YOU FOR READING MARYLAND JUICE! - Maryland Juice has now reached over 718,707 Pageviews and counting. I wanted to pause and truly thank readers for sticking with us. As always, it is a pleasure to serve your information consumption needs, and please keep the Juice flowing!

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