Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ROLL CALL: Maryland Senate Approves Death Penalty Repeal 27-20 // 10 Democrats Joined GOP: House of Delegates Next!

Today the Maryland Senate approved repeal of the death penalty by a vote of 27-20. The measure now heads to the House of Delegates for approval. In the meantime, below you can see a roll call of how the individual State Senators voted.

DEATH PENALTY ROLL CALL: Two Republican Senators joined Democrats in ending legalized murder by state government employees: Allan Kittleman and Ed Reilly. They are highlighted in red below. Meanwhile, ten Democratic Senators (highlighted in blue) joined the vast majority of the Republican caucus in trying to maintain state executions. Notably the list of Democrats who joined the GOP to maintain a culture of violence includes Senate President Mike Miller, MoCo Senator Rob Garagiola, wanna-be Senate President Mac Middleton and our all-time favorite State Senator Norm Stone.

  1. John Astle
  2. Joanne Benson
  3. Joan Carter Conway
  4. Ulysses Currie
  5. Ed Degrange
  6. Bill Ferguson
  7. Jennie Forehand
  8. Brian Frosh
  9. Lisa Gladden
  10. Verna Jones-Rodwell
  11. Delores Kelley
  12. Nancy King
  13. Allan Kittleman (R)
  14. Rich Madaleno
  15. Roger Manno
  16. Nate McFadden
  17. Karen Montgomery
  18. Anthony Muse
  19. Douglas J.J. Peters
  20. Paul Pinsky
  21. Catherine Pugh
  22. Victor Ramirez
  23. Jamie Raskin
  24. Ed Reilly (R)
  25. Jim Rosapepe
  26. Ron Young
  27. Bobby Zirkin

  1. David Brinkley 
  2. Jim Brochin (D)
  3. Richard Colburn
  4. Roy Dyson (D)
  5. George Edwards
  6. Rob Garagiola (D)
  7. Joseph Getty
  8. Barry Glassman
  9. Nancy Jacobs
  10. J.B. Jennings
  11. Ed Kasemeyer (D)
  12. Katherine Klausmeier (D)
  13. Jim Mathias (D)
  14. Mac Middleton (D)
  15. Mike Miller (D)
  16. E.J. Pipkin
  17. Jim Robey (D)
  18. Chris Shank
  19. Bryan Simonaire
  20. Norm Stone (D)

WBFF reporter John Rydell captured a pretty great moment in a Tweet today, when he posted the following photo of former death row prisoner Kirk Bloodsworth (aka America's first DNA exoneree):

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