Tuesday, October 8, 2013

D15 Incumbents Feldman, Dumais & Miller Slating Without MCDCC Pick // Hispanic Biz Groups for David Fraser-Hidalgo

Tonight members of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) will recommend a candidate to fill Brian Feldman's vacant District 15 seat in the House of Delegates. The MCDCC recently elevated Feldman from a Delegate to State Senator, due to Sen. Rob Garagiola's resignation from his post. Below we provide a few updates to the race, starting with news that Sen. Brian Feldman and his two remaining D15 colleagues in the House of Delegates (Kathleen Dumais and Aruna Miller) have filed for re-election as a team. You can see the press release below, but note that the announcement states: "The District 15 Team looks forward to working during the 2014 session with the Delegate appointee and for a spirited campaign with all the candidates leading up to the June 2014 Primary and the November 2014 General Election."

Maryland Juice asked one of the D15 incumbents if that sentence means that the D15 team will plan on not slating with whomever wins the Delegate appointment tonight, and the response I received was: "That is our current plan." Interesting! Indeed, it seems plausible that a few candidates seeking the MCDCC appointment may run for the seat in the June 2014 Primary, even if they are not selected for the vacancy.

After the D15 re-election press release, we highlight two more endorsements for the MCDCC appointment. David Fraser-Hidalgo, one of the candidates vying for the vacancy battle tonight, has received endorsements from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Business Foundation. You can see both letters to the MCDCC below:


District 15 Delegation Files for Re-Election

Annapolis, MD – On Monday, October 7th, Senator Brian Feldman, Delegate Kathleen Dumais and Delegate Aruna Miller filed for re-election and announced their intention to run together as the District 15 Team Slate.  In a joint statement, the candidates said, “Over the past several years, we have formed a close working relationship for the benefit of our district, our county and our state.  Our diverse areas of legislative expertise and focus as well as our various committee assignments have benefitted our constituents and we look forward to continuing to serve the residents of District 15.”

Senator Feldman was appointed to the State Senate by Governor O’Malley on September 12th  to fill the seat vacated by former Senator Rob Garagiola.  Feldman, who served over a decade in the House of Delegates, has championed measures promoting our state’s biotechnology sector and legislation holding utilities accountable for failing to provide reliable electric service.  Delegate Dumais serves as the Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee where she has led the fight for stronger gun safety laws, served as House floor leader for the civil marriage debate, and has been an outspoken advocate for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.  Delegate Miller serves on the House Ways & Means Committee where she has developed policies which have made Maryland public schools No. 1 in the nation and policies to streamline business regulations and encourage business innovation.

Upon hearing of the District 15 delegation’s plan to run for re-election, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett said, “"Montgomery County's District 15 team has done an excellent job fighting in Annapolis for the needs of the County.  We have all benefitted from their strong leadership on so many issues that are important to us as residents. I am pleased that this talented team will be running together again for reelection to the Maryland General Assembly.  Because our county needs their ongoing leadership in Annapolis, the District 15 team-Senator Brian Feldman and Delegates Kathleen Dumais and Aruna Miller--has my strongest support.”  

The District 15 Team looks forward to working during the 2014 session with the Delegate appointee and for a spirited campaign with all the candidates leading up to the June 2014 Primary and the November 2014 General Election.


Below you can read letters from two Hispanic business groups to the MCDCC announcing endorsements for David Fraser-Hidalgo in the District 15 vacancy race:

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