Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2012 Redistricting: Sen. Rich Madaleno Explains Democrats' CD1 vs. CD6 Dilemma // TOPIC: Roscoe Bartlett vs. Andy Harris

Yesterday, we posted an interview with Maryland Senator Rich Madaleno, where he listed potential dark horse candidates for Governor in 2014 and explained some of the challenges facing the major candidates.

Today, we highlight Mr. Madaleno's illuminating responses on Congressional and State Legislative redistricting in Maryland. Below, he describes the nature of the debate going on within Democratic leadership, and he provides a preview of the impact the new districts may have. Once again, I chopped up the videos into the most interesting questions and responses.

One phrase from Mr. Madaleno might best sum up his view of Maryland's Congressional redistricting debate: "This is a battle between the heart and the mind of the Democratic Party."

Sen. Rich Madaleno on Maryland's 2012 Redistricting

Question: Who are the players in Maryland's congressional
redistricting, and what issues are they debating?

Question: Can you describe how Dems could weaken 
Roscoe Barlett in MD's 6th Congressional District?

Note: You can see one depiction of a new CD6 map at Maryland Politics Watch.

Question: Can you describe how Dems could bolster
Frank Kratovil's chances in MD's 1st Congressional District?

Question: Is it possible to increase minority representation in 
Congress and still win more seats for Democrats?

Question: What is the redistricting process and schedule under Maryland law?

Question: What are the potentially major changes to 
happen with state legislative districts?

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