Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Northern Virginia GOP Blogger Condemns Loudoun GOP Email with Zombie Obama Shot in the Head

More than our GOP friends at Red Maryland, it seems the Republican bloggers in Northern Virginia have some boundaries -- or are at least trying to stop their party from embarrassing itself. The VA GOP blog Too Conservative yesterday condemned the following Halloween email blast from the Loudoun County Republican Party (I've highlighted the Obama photo they complained about):

In their post, the blogger named "Loudon Insider" wrote:
This cartoon montage just arrived as part of an LCRC email blast.  I am no fan of Barack Obama, but putting up a photo of him as a zombie with a bullet hole in his head????????????  Like him or not he is the legitimately elected the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of our armed services in a time of war.  THIS IS DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL.  Someone should send this to the US Secret Service.
I guess the Virginia GOP bloggers still have a bit of Southern hospitality. I wish I could say the same for their Maryland counterparts. Recently, I've been complaining a lot about GOP Delegate Pat McDonough and his inflammatory "Speak English" lawnsign. Amusingly, after I posted an image of the sign again in my post "Why the Maryland Republican Party is Dying a Quick Death," Red Maryland blogger Brian Griffiths had this complaint on Twitter:

Yet, even though Mr. Griffiths appears to be distancing himself from Mr. McDonough's worldview, he refuses to actually stand up to the thinly cloaked racial motives behind the lawnsign. Check out the exchange below, where I ask him to condemn the "Speak English" lawnsign:

Indeed, Red Maryland would like to have it both ways. They claim that the more insane elements in their party are unrepresentative, but when you ask them to publicly reject the hate, they refuse.

Yesterday, Mother Jones called out yet another example of inflammatory behavior against minorities from a GOP elected official:
It's a little surprising this comment last week from Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) hasn't gotten more attention. Here's Philip Molnar of the Express-Times: 
[Local business leader Richard C. Spanier] said the best people to do business with are those in the American Midwest because of their "straight-forward" attitude. 
"Other ethnicities are not that way," Garrett said. "They'll say yes to you constantly and then you'll realize they really didn't mean it."
Garrett said after the meeting he meant people in other countries. 
The clarification doesn't really make this comment much less bizarre or offensive. (Since when do New Jersey congressmen lionize the honesty of midwesterners, anyway?)

This was followed by a half-hearted "correction." I think the GOP thinks they are in a Goldwater moment, but the more extreme elements in their party sound more like George Wallace than Barry Goldwater sometimes. Sheesh.

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