Tuesday, November 1, 2011

State Senator Rob Garagiola Starts CD6 Race with Frontrunner Status // Duchy Bags Carpet?

Okay, Maryland Juice is going to point out the obvious: State Senator Rob Garagiola is currently the front-runner to become the next member of Congress from Maryland. This was in many ways by design -- given that Senate President Mike Miller and Mr. Garagiola's allies had been preparing for this moment for a long time.

Even still, Maryland Juice had speculated that a new Congressional district within the Beltway would generate at least one candidacy from someone that didn't appear to live within the District's new boundaries. It turns out I was right: former Montgomery Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg has filled that role. An observant reader pointed out that Marie "Duchy" Trachtenberg appears to live in Rep. Chris Van Hollen's CD8:

Notably, Ms. Trachtenberg lost her re-election to the Council in 2010 (full disclosure: I worked on an opponent's campaign). So with his primary opponent not living in the District and having just come off a losing race, Mr. Garagiola -- for the moment -- appears to be the front-runner. This is not an endorsement or anything -- I'm just sayin'..... But there are many more reasons why Mr. Garagiola is currently the frontrunner for the 6th Congressional District:

If Mr. Garagiola wins the Democratic Primary, he faces a modern Republican Party that is utterly  unequipped to compete in the diverse Washington suburbs that now anchor CD6. Just picture That Guy with the "Speak English" lawnsign. Indeed, the prospective candidacies for the CD6 GOP nod are all basically unelectable: GOP Chair Alex Mooney (who led marriage equality opposition in the State Senate), Frederick pol Blaine Young (who governs by Tea Party press release), the incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (whose main policy priority is stink bugs)... and Robin Ficker Realty (no further comment necessary).

Now Mr. Garagiola and his crew will likely roll out a very careful campaign strategy over the coming months. Note the electeds trickling out at his kickoff today:

Note the rhetoric aimed at a General Election (from his press release today):
“I am running for Congress because too many middle class families are struggling and our economy is floundering.  So much of what we hear from Washington just doesn’t sound right.  Rather than focusing on our economy and jobs, this ideological Congress has taken this country to the brink of economic disaster when they held approval of the debt ceiling hostage and invoked talk of government shut downs,” said Garagiola.
Note the new campaign website launch:

Note Republicans desperate for attention. See Robin Ficker Realty below:

Etc, etc. My suspicion will be that there will be nothing the GOP can do but sit and cry about how unfair it all is. Now, this could all change if more candidates enter the race. In fact, we are hearing serious rumors about a potential new moderate Democratic challenger (hopefully more soon).

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