Monday, December 5, 2011

Anne Arundel Councilmember Jamie Benoit Not Running Against Rep. Donna Edwards // Glenn Ivey Moving Forward

Maryland Juice previously wrote that Anne Arundel Councilmember Jamie Benoit was weighing a challenge to Rep. Donna Edwards. The Baltimore Sun is now reporting that he has decided against a run in the 4th Congressional District Democratic Primary:
“Given the uncertainty and turmoil that currently exists in the county, I know I can best serve Anne Arundel County by remaining on the council," Benoit, a Democrat and Army veteran, said in a statement.
Mr. Benoit's announcement comes as Rep. Edwards has begun rolling out various campaign endorsements. That leaves former Prince George's State's Attorney Glenn Ivey in the April 2012 Primary with the incumbent. For what its worth, he's up with a new website at Here is his "Why I'm Running" statement:
"Maryland is ranked as one of the wealthiest states in the nation, yet the fact remains that many of our citizens are affected by the same primary issues that currently stress most of America. Every day we hear about job losses, increasing foreclosures and foreclosure scams, healthcare concerns, discrepancies in public education, crime and more. I am running for Congress to help attack these issues because there are solutions.
I am running for Congress to serve all citizens, to join the premier team of public servants to help establish and implement new ideas and or restructure current activities. I will help the Congressional effort to stimulate the economy and help create more opportunities for individuals and businesses. I can help reduce state and national debt, and I will continue to bring national attention to white collar and economic crimes along with crimes that occur on America’s streets and within the homes of our citizens.
I enjoy private practice, yet I am also a public servant – not for personal gain, but for the individual families and communities who need a voice today. I am a public servant for the children who need hope for their future not the growing fear and concern of parents and others who wonder now what their future will hold based on economic, educational and environmental concerns to name a few. I am running because I am an advocate for people and the needs of people. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some great ideas."

Rep. Donna Edwards' campaign site is at: It lists a few new endorsers we haven't yet mentioned:
  • Maryland and District of Columbia AFL-CIO
  • Democracy for America 
  • J Street PAC
  • USAction

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