Friday, January 13, 2012

WAKE UP: Time for a Maryland Progressive Caucus // Maryland Blue Dog Caucus Forming

Maryland Juice thinks now would be a good time for progressive legislators in the Free State to start organizing into a real caucus. In Rhode Island -- another hugely blue state --  the progressive caucus is now the largest caucus in the legislature. Look at the demographics of Maryland and ask yourself why we don't have an organized progressive caucus yet. Creating one might reveal more unity between some of the counties than people currently like to admit exists.

More importantly, a progressive caucus is needed to keep moving the needle on important issues. If you like getting rolled, then you'll do nothing about the following news in today's Baltimore Sun:
Centrist Democrats in the House of Delegates have decided to form a group to promote their point of view within the party and weigh in on key issues, a leading member of the group said Thursday.
Del. Mary Dulany-James, a Harford County Democrat, said the groups would probably be called the Blue Dog delegation or caucus -- named after a similarly oriented group of moderate Democrats in Congress.
Whaddya think? And while we're at it, there should be a bi-partisan civil liberties caucus. We are truly sliding on those issues nationally.

Sign Maryland Juice's petition calling for the creation of a Maryland Progressive Caucus

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