Saturday, March 31, 2012

CD6 DIRECT MAIL: Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Calls State Sen. David Brinkley Obama's "New Best Friend" // SIGN OF WEAKNESS?

Maryland Juice just received a copy of a new direct mail piece that Rep. Roscoe Bartlett is sending voters in the 6th Congressional District. The attack ad calls GOP State Senator David Brinkley "Obama's new best friend in Maryland" and claims he is a Republican in name-only. The mail piece also criticizes Senator Brinkley for voting for Democrat Mike Miller as the Maryland Senate President.

A SIGN OF WEAKNESS FROM ROSCOE BARTLETT? - This piece seems very defensive coming out only days before the April 3rd Republican Primary. Thus far, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett did not seem to have a single candidate to take on, rather a gang of GOP challengers has been attacking him throughout the primary. In the closing days of the race, this makes it seem like the Bartlett camp is most concerned about Sen. David Brinkley.

See Roscoe Bartlett's attack ad below, along with a response from the Brinkley campaign:

CD6: Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Sends Direct Mail Attacking State Sen. David Brinkley

Read the following press release response to the attack ad from Sen. David Brinkley's campaign. Brinkley suggests that Roscoe Bartlett might be better off working at Burger King with rival candidate Del. Kathy Afzali.


With Apologies to Burger King ... Again!

Bartlett fails to defend his own record and lies about Brinkley’s in latest mailing.

March 30, 2012 (Frederick, MD) — Considering the Whoppers being served up by candidates for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District and all the sweeteners and pork added to appropriations bills in Washington, it’s no wonder America has a debt crisis and a weight problem.

With less than a week before the April 3rd Republican primary, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett can’t defend his own thin record of accomplishments and is resorting to negative campaigning to cling to power. The latest false attack came from the 20-year incumbent who charged that Maryland’s budget had grown from $13 billion when David Brinkley was first elected to the State Senate in 2002 to its current level near $35 billion (a budget Brinkley voted ‘against’). The mailer has some fine print which attempts to be the source of the charge, however the footnote doesn’t refer to the budget at all, because the $13 billion was the budget in 1995, the year Brinkley was first sworn in as a Delegate in the Democratically-controlled legislature.

In any event, Senator Brinkley offered, “Our budgets are balanced, that’s something Bartlett cannot say about the budgets he has supported in Washington.”

Democrats outnumber Republicans by about four-to-one in the Senate. “Blaming David Brinkley for the spending of a Democrat-controlled legislature and Democrat governor is like blaming the Wright Brothers for 9/11,” said Don Murphy, the campaign spokesman. “It’s a false attack by a congressman who should know better and is made in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from his own anemic record,” Murphy added.

“I commend the Congressman for attending most of our debates, but not once during this campaign has he pointed to a single legislative accomplishment in his twenty years in office, other than spending money,” Brinkley said in his latest radio ad.

Additionally, at no time during the debates did Bartlett say our critical assessment of his voting record was inaccurate. Stunningly, during the debates, Bartlett admitted that he had ‘voted for a lot of bad things’ and invited his challengers to come to his office in Washington so he could show them a lot more bad votes he had cast.

The Bartlett mailer also criticized the Senator for failing to take a no-tax pledge. Brinkley has a history of fighting for lower taxes, less spending and led the effort to stop the gas tax increase. Brinkley has received awards for his pro-jobs record.

“I find it ironic that the 10-term incumbent would have the nerve to criticize me for not taking a pledge when he has repeatedly broken his term limit pledge,” Brinkley said. “Does the Congressmen have the credibility to make that charge?” Brinkley asked.

“These were a couple of Jr. Whoppers, but a lie is a lie, and they taste just like regular Whoppers,” said Murphy. “The congressman might want to consider working at Burger King after the election, he could work alongside serial ‘Whopper’ server Kathy Afzali.” he concluded.


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