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RUMORS // Surprising Candidates Emerge to Replace Retiring MD House Members: Delegates Justin Ross & Liz Bobo

Adam Ortiz
TRIPLE-UPDATE: Another Maryland Juice reader adds a name to the list of possible candidates for Del. Justin Ross' District 12 House seat:
  • Kisha Brown, a staff member of the Attorney Generals office

DOUBLE-UPDATE: A Maryland Juice reader adds one more name to the list of possible candidates for Del. Liz Bobo's District 12 House seat:
Jason Booms, a pollster and former Republican turned Democrat

UPDATE: An anonymous source adds one more name to our list of possible District 22 appointees. Our source is hearing some buzz around the following name :
Adam Ortiz, the former Mayor of Edmonston and a member of P.G. County Exec. Rushern Baker's staff.

DISTRICT 22 HOUSE CANDIDATES: Last week, Delegate Justin Ross stunned Maryland politicos by announcing his mid-term retirement from the Maryland House. The Prince George's County Democrat's departure will now trigger an appointment process to fill his District 22 House seat for the remainder of his term. A knowledgeable source has informed Maryland Juice that several Prince George's Democrats' names are now circulating as possible appointees to replace Justin Ross in the legislature. Maryland Juice found this list a bit surprising at first, but upon second thought it makes sense. See further discussion below:
  • Will Campos, Prince George's County Councilmember (District 2)
  • Alonzo Washington, Will Campos' Chief of Staff
  • David Sloan, Maryland Democratic Party Executive Director
  • Adam Ortiz, former Edmonston Mayor

Note that Will Campos is facing term limits for his County Council seat in 2014. Even more interesting is that Campos currently lives in District 22, but after the 2014 redistricting kicks in, he will be moved to District 47B.

APPOINTMENT PROCESS FOR D22 VACANCY: Because Delegate Ross is not finishing out his full four-year term, there is over a year until voters will next elect a District 22 House member. In such an instance, the Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee will appoint a temporary House member to replace the vacant D22 seat.

Under Article III, Section 13, of the Maryland Constitution, the Governor is responsible for filling the legislative vacancy within 30 days after the vacancy is created (November 9). The Prince George's Democratic Central Committee shall submit a name to the Governor for the vacancy within the same 30 day period. If the Central Committee doesn't act by the deadline, the Governor will appoint a Democrat within 15 days.

Some are asking whether the new legislative districts or the old lines will be in place for the appointment. Sources indicate that the old lines will be likely used (pending confirmation from attorneys). If this is correct, Will Campos would have to move in order to run for re-election, should he be selected to replace Justin Ross.

JUSTIN ROSS RESIGNATION HIGHLIGHTS STAGNANT HOUSE LEADERSHIP DYNAMICS: Ever since Justin Ross announced his sudden resignation from the Maryland House, numerous legislators have privately blasted the stagnant leadership dynamics in the State legislature. The Washington Post's John Wagner made the following observation when announcing Ross' retirement (excerpt below):
WASHINGTON POST: Though Ross attributed his decision to leave mid-term to his family and business situations, some colleagues noted that other leadership opportunities in the House have been limited. That is due in part to several veteran committee chairmen whose continued service in the chamber has limited upward movement among younger delegates....
GRAYING LEGISLATIVE LEADERS CLINGING TO POWER: Indeed, most members of leadership in Maryland's House and Senate have served for decades in the same positions. Occasionally some of the smaller leadership positions have changed hands and legislative leaders have sometimes invented fake leadership positions to placate the rank and file. But the reality is that the top spots have been occupied by the same gang of graying party bosses for many years. Given that not a single top legislative leader has decided to retire, talented Democrats are dropping off like flies, just so that leadership can cling to power for another four years. In fact, both Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch shored up their re-election prospects in the last round of redistricting. Those line changes caused a lot of groaning among their colleagues.

And now veteran lawmakers who have been loyal to leadership for years are all packing their bags. Meanwhile, younger, ambitious legislators are become increasingly frustrated with the lack of upward mobility in the Maryland Assembly. Just look at the number of legislators who are contemplating leaving to run for another office in 2014. After Justin Ross' resignation, Maryland Juice received a number of private complaints about these dynamics from politicos. The truly disappointing aspect of this problem is that nobody seems to want to do anything about it. Instead everyone seems to be giving up and is content to leave things be. They seem to not see the massive turnover in both the House and Senate that is possible in 2014....

UPDATE ON DISTRICT 12 HOUSE CANDIDATES: A few weeks ago, Maryland Juice wrote about District 12 Delegate Liz Bobo's planned retirement from the Maryland House. Unlike Delegate Ross, Bobo plans to finish out her term until the next election. But already, a number of names are circulating as potential candidates for her seat in 2014. See a quick round-up from the rumor-mill below:
  • Mary Kay Sigaty (Howard County Councilmember)
  • Janet Siddiqui (Howard County Board of Education member)
  • Alan Klein (ran against Sigaty in 2010 in primary; backed by Bobo and lost)
  • Terri Hill (Doctor Ethel Hill's daughter. Ethel is president of HoCo Thurgood Marshall group)
  • Dylan Goldberg (works for HoCo delegate in Annapolis, Young Dem)
  • Lee Richardson (Chair of the Town Center Community association) 
  • Anne De Lacy (HoCo Board of Education candidate)
  • Jahantab Siddiqui (former Mikulski aide, nephew of Janet Siddiqui)
  • Clarence Lam (Doctor, HoCo Community Action Council Chair, HoCo Dem Central Committee member, DNC Delegate, President of HoCo Young Dems, community activist)
  • Jason Booms (pollster and former Republican turned Democrat)

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